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What will the genre of real survival games be called?

blamo2000blamo2000 Member RarePosts: 931
Now that survival games equal crafting games, what will we call any game that comes out that focused on actual survival without the major and main focus being crafting be called?


  • alkarionlogalkarionlog Member RarePosts: 2,767
    boring or kiddies games?
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  • TheScavengerTheScavenger Member EpicPosts: 3,321
    The genre of survival games will be called survival games.

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  • ScorchienScorchien Member LegendaryPosts: 6,871
    edited July 2018
    im certain , that here we will call them ................. MMOs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!    Regardless of gameplay , mechainics/sever structure/# of players.. etc .. on and on
  • TheDarkrayneTheDarkrayne Member EpicPosts: 5,223
    edited July 2018
    Do you mean Survival Horror? Like Resident Evil? Because they have always been called Survival Horror, not Survival.

    Even if it isn't fantasy type horror, it's still horror. A pack of wolves that could kill you at night is a horrific thing to contend with, so it's still Survival Horror. Freezing to death is a horrible thing happen to you and you would be afraid of it happening, so that's still horror. Being alone in the woods, at night, is scary, so that's horror.
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  • JakdstripperJakdstripper Member RarePosts: 2,397
    edited July 2018
    he probably means games like the original Dayz. there was no crafting or building, just straight up looking for food/ammo and trying not to get killed.

    alas, they are called simply: survival games.

    the new types(ark, rust, conan exiles, etc) would be more like: survival/building games. 
  • blamo2000blamo2000 Member RarePosts: 931
    Breaking News - the DIY channel, Construction channel, and other channels about building things will now change their name to Survival channels.  
  • ChimborazoChimborazo Member UncommonPosts: 114
    I would actually like to see a Robinson Crusoe inspired survival game, with just the right amount of crafting! 
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  • madazzmadazz Member RarePosts: 1,976
    What an odd place to ask this. Not MMO, or MMORPG related... but yet you chose here.
  • BrunlinBrunlin Member UncommonPosts: 78
    "Naked and Afraid"

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  • aRtFuLThinGaRtFuLThinG Member UncommonPosts: 1,377
    I would actually like to see a Robinson Crusoe inspired survival game, with just the right amount of crafting! 

    Been playing that for a while now. No zombies or constructions, just dangerous wildlife, the cold, the illness and the hunger to deal with.

  • KnightFalzKnightFalz Member RarePosts: 807
    Unless the needed items to survive are supplied to the character in some other way, it will be a game of death if not set in the most benign of conditions.

  • NorseGodNorseGod Member RarePosts: 2,228
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  • QuizzicalQuizzical Member LegendaryPosts: 20,983
    I vote that we call them "fake survival games".
  • OG_ZorvanOG_Zorvan Member EpicPosts: 1,851
    Quit your job, you'll be playing the ultimate survival game soon after.

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  • blamo2000blamo2000 Member RarePosts: 931
    OG_Zorvan said:
    Quit your job, you'll be playing the ultimate survival game soon after.
    If living off the government's teat involved crating I doubt there would be so many people doing it.  
    So, just to be clear - we all agree survival game means crafting game.  What should crafting games be called?
  • FlyByKnightFlyByKnight Member EpicPosts: 3,967
    I'm going to go with bent up trucker hat, pick up truck, patriot in own mind and wishes hickok45 was their grandpa.
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  • blamo2000blamo2000 Member RarePosts: 931
    I'm going to go with delusions of grandeur, full blown Dunning-Kruger, and wishes more games had toddlers in super-sexy outfits and included dating-sim elements. 
  • AmatheAmathe Member LegendaryPosts: 5,732
    To me a survival game is one where I have to MacGyver myself around getting my water out of a dew collector. I just call that sort of thing a survival game. 

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  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 33,937
    I've been playing the ultimate survival game for over 60 years but the deck is stacked against me and the odds are getting longer every year.


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  • blamo2000blamo2000 Member RarePosts: 931
    To me, if I start a game up and the overwhelming majority of my time is spent crafting its a crafting game.  Since I have no desire to play a crafting game I usually don't get very far in them, so have little experience with crafting games.  The last one I tried was Wild Tera.

    But if we look at this logically, we can run through a couple "survival" scenarios.

    Depending on event, and time after the event, we can be pretty certain "surviving" would not include much crafting.  Scavenging for already crafted things?  Sure.  After a while it would have specialized jobs, like farming, metalworking, repair, etc.  Maybe old professions like wainwrights depending.

    Deserted Island type scenario
    Plenty of real world examples to draw from.  All had light crafting, but definitely not a major focus.  

    "Naked and Afraid" type scenario.
    I watched some of these after it was mentioned above.  This show definitely involve some crafting.  When something is needed it certainly is a focus, but the item the person can bring is key.  I wouldn't mind playing a game based on this where crafting is so rare and super extremely limited, but the basics are super important.  The crafting games called survival games are nothing like this at all.  Are there any like this that I am not aware about?

    I just don't see the connection between crafting games where you spend the majority of your time crafting and crafting and crafting, and anything but the most tenuous strings between them and anything that would make sense to belong to a genre called survival.

    Am I some sort of super survivalist?  No, not at all.  I was an infantryman for half a decade, and living outside like a monkey made me hate the outside.  I also hate weapons, because half my life was cleaning weapons.  I hate standing in lines, I hate running, and I hate road marching.  If I ended up on a dangerous deserted island I would focus on a quick and as painless a death I could because living just to survive alone in that situation sounds awful.  

    This isn't about what you like or dislike, but what makes sense and what doesn't.  Calling crafting games survival games doesn't make any sense to me, and I don't logically see the how this happened nor how people embrace it.  I could see calling Unreal World a survival game.  I've never really played it but NEO Scavenger would make sense.  I'm sure there are a million examples.  And all of them would emphasis survival - not be crafting games with light-survival elements.  
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