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We really need another Fantasy game?

Another fantasy game to drop into the already overflowing bucket of them.  I don't hold out much hope that this game will statisify any but the die hard tolken fans.


  • n2k3156n2k3156 Member Posts: 523

    Precisely my feeling as well. More of the same old crap rehashed, and nothing original to draw people to it.

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  • IbacaiIbacai Member Posts: 71
    Ok, can I have your stuff?

    Really now, we don't know everything about this game yet. At least wait for beta to be around a bit before you pass judgements. And as for the MMO genre being flooded with fantasy based MMO's, correct but not necessarily bad. To each his own.

  • pacashe109pacashe109 Member Posts: 41

    first off eve is a space game and wow is the only one besides eve i have heard of.

    wow-for simple easy to get in game

    lotro-rplayin game mostly instance

    eq2-real in depth game

    overalll 3 different types of fantasy games

  • pacashe109pacashe109 Member Posts: 41
    A3 Fantasy Actoz / AniPark Final Released
    Adellion Fantasy HonourBound Ltd. Development Unknown
    Afelhem Fantasy Afelhem Development Unknown
    Age of Conan Fantasy FunCom Development Q4 2006
    Ages of Athiria Fantasy Elysian Productions Development Unknown
    Antilia Fantasy Enygma Arts Development Unknown
    Archlord Fantasy NHN Games Development Unknown
    Ashen Empires Fantasy Iron Will Games Final Released
    Asheron's Call Fantasy Turbine Entertainment Final Released
    Astera Online Fantasy Felix Reyes Development Unknown
    Astonia III Fantasy Intent Software Final Released
    BiosFear Fantasy Tiscali Games Final Released
    Blademistress Fantasy Blade Mistress Online Final Released
    Clan Lord Fantasy Delta Tao Software Final Released
    Conquer Online Fantasy TQ Digital Studio Final Released
    Cronous Fantasy Terra ICT Beta Testing Unknown
    Crystal Atatrium Fantasy Atatrium Labs Development Unknown
    Dark Age of Camelot Fantasy Mythic Entertainment Final Released
    Dark Ages Fantasy Nexon Final Released
    Dark and Light Fantasy NPCube Beta Testing 04/27/06
    Dark Solstice Fantasy Black Masque Games Development Unknown
    Darkfall Fantasy Aventurine SA Development Unknown
    Darkfire Online Fantasy Multisoft Corporation Beta Testing Unknown
    Deloria Fantasy Nexemis Development Unknown
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  • IbacaiIbacai Member Posts: 71

    Originally posted by pacashe109

    first off eve is a space game and wow is the only one besides eve i have heard of.
    wow-for simple easy to get in game
    lotro-rplayin game mostly instance

    eq2-real in depth game

    overalll 3 different types of fantasy games

    LotRO is not mostly instanced. It's around 80% open and 20% instanced.
  • wyzwunwyzwun Member Posts: 328

    The question should be. "Do we need a good Fantasy game"?


    I say hell yes we do. IF we get lucky, q4 2006 will look to repair the horrid image the genre has gotten during 2003-2006 period.


    Things look bright in 06 q4


    1) Vanguard -- Most of us hardcore gamers really have our hopes up for this one. The key question for me will be, can they make a grounds end game that will actually be fun and at the same time stop claim bots and all the cheating that has hurt the grounds based games (EQPC, FFXI ETC)


    2) Heroes Journey -- ATM looks to be polished and ready, there’s allot to like here but there is one thing i do not like, the instances.


    3) LoTR Online -- After watching a few videos this game does look good. It looks very polished with its well built player models down to the highly interactive environment. BUT again instances and ... its turbine. I was hyped about DDO when i was watching tubines progress... at the end that progress was nothing but smoke and mirrors, sure turbine can make a good looking game but can they build the advanced systems needed or will they rest on past code/work/ideas.


    As good as the genre looks to get in q4 make no mistake; if turbine blows LoTR-O like they did DDO imo even if vanguard and HJ turns out stellar this hurts the genre ... BADLY.

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  • shayalynshayalyn Member Posts: 16

    There are a lot of fantasy MMOGs out there, but in my opinion there aren't a lot of good ones. I say there's more room in the fantasy genre. These games wouldn't be created, and most of all funded, if there wasn't a significant interest in the genre. Fact is--the number one MMOG of all time (WoW) has 5.5 million players enjoying a fantasy setting. That in itself is compelling enough to warrant more fantasy-based titles. Obviously, the public has demonstrated, by buying fantasy games, that fantasy is what it wants. Developers just feed the need.

    If you want something different, Auto Assault just launched, and it's a good game from all I've heard of it. You might also want to keep an eye on Tabula Rasa--anything with Richard "Lord British" Garriot involved in the development is bound to be something to consider. Neither of those games are strictly high fantasy. And there are lots of other titles coming up for next year--Star Trek Online, Stargate Worlds, Sony's Marvel Comics based title, et al. If swords and scorcery isn't your thing, there are lots of other options.

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  • shayalynshayalyn Member Posts: 16

    I broke the forum. Sorry for the double post.

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  • SeanBladerSeanBlader Member Posts: 21

    He's talking about a setting for a game, typically Fantasy being Dungeons and Dragons/Lord of the Rings type stuff with elves and being a long time ago.

    Eve Online would be Sci-fi, typically meaning sometime in the future, Star Trek, Blade Runner, The Matrix, that kinda thing with flying cars, laser beams, spaceships and computers.

    Just to clarify a little confusion in this thread.

    But I definately agree, there's a lot of Fantasy out there, not a lot of it is very good either.

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