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I don't get the point of VIP



  • QuizzicalQuizzical Member LegendaryPosts: 24,582
    sanshi44 said:
    Arkade99 said:
    The reality is, we don't know exactly how the priority for VIP will work. When a new campaign is created, will there be a "sign up" period before the campaign actually begins? If the max number for the campaign is filled by VIP players, does that mean that non-VIP will need to pick a different campaign? Probably.

    Keep in mind though, that if there are that many people, there will be enough campaigns to accommodate them. No one is going to be left without a campaign. Also keep in mind that if certain campaign rulesets are unpopular, they will be retired and replaced with ones that are more popular. So it may be that 3 new campaigns with the same popular ruleset are starting all at the same time, or slightly staggered, and non-VIP have to wait because the VIP people filled the 1st one. 

    Players will likely belong to more than one campaign at a time and they aren't likely to all end/begin at the same time, so having to wait a day or two for the start of a campaign shouldn't be a big deal. It's not game breaking. It doesn't give VIP players a competitive advantage. But it is something that might influence someone to pay for VIP, assuming that it how it will work.
    From my understanding Campaigns will simply act as servers do now to a degree when it comes to how many can join and what not. So technically lets say a campaign can take 2000 players at a time you can have 4000 people try and get into the campaign half of those players will be on a queue just like it be trying to enter a full server in any other game. This will probaly only be an issue for the popular campaigns on day 1 or 2 then people wont be spending 24 hours in a world and actually log off eventually. People go hard day 1/2 on new games but after that server queues drop off to being non exsistant. I feel campaign will be the same assuming crowfall has a super popular dispite bieng a pvp orinated which usualy doesnt have server pop problems anyway
    That is a very good point that I had not considered.  I haven't had to deal with login queues in many years because I usually don't play games right at launch.  I also haven't had to deal with them for new servers because "MMORPGs" that constantly launch new servers usually follow the Chinese pay to win model, so I avoid the game entirely.  Crowfall isn't going that route, however, so it is likely to produce the initial rush for new servers when new campaigns launch.
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