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Come back

BrotheryangBrotheryang Member UncommonPosts: 174

Im just wondering if now is as good a time as any..... i want to come back but if i do i will be starting over..... You guys think i oculd still make it or are the people all high levels and no lowbies?


  • RubycatRubycat Member Posts: 223
    New players and old constantly make new characters to level back to 60. getting to 60 is by no means hard. a few months. -there will be plenty of people to group with, but that requires they want to in the first place-

  • necbonenecbone Member Posts: 358
    i've comeback several time now=P

    3 60's on 3 diffferent servers....mannoroth, azshara, and magerithdon

    all horde.

  • BrotheryangBrotheryang Member UncommonPosts: 174
    Kool thanks. I guees ill come back then. there is something about this game that makes me want to come back =)
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