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if i played ragnarok online (private Server) is that illeagle?

or leagle?


  • GlottisGlottis Member Posts: 69


  • StonehelmStonehelm Member Posts: 2

    its a tricky thing the person who is hosting the server is definetly breaking the law but if u play it i cant see how they could take ne action against u


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    The dark lord is upon u

  • ThePatientThePatient Member Posts: 90
    Its not illeagle, its illegal.




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  • genstylegenstyle Member UncommonPosts: 19
    It is illegal now, they have put copyrights on all their .gifs, names and other game information.  In order to host a private server you need to change at least 3 pixels on every image and change the names of every item/mob/etc.  Alot of the big private servers shut down till they can fix it.

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