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What am i missing here



  • TheocritusTheocritus Member LegendaryPosts: 9,331
    I thought I would be playing GW2 for eyars...I lasted about 2 weeks....I had read how great the graphics and the exploring were so I thought it would be a grea match, just neither of them did anything for me....The public quests got old really fast, jsut way too common.
  • UngoodUngood Member LegendaryPosts: 7,223
    Mardukk said:
    I love the freedom the game offers.  Thank god linear story lines are not the main focus of the game.  The MMO genre has gone down the tubes due to linear hand holding corridor worlds.  If you want linear go play a single player game.  And unfortunately this game does offer "story", this part of the game is poor and thankfully I can ignore it.

    I play ESO or any other crap themeparks from the past 14 years and a bunch of NPC's order you around, sometimes in a linear path.  Why they hell do people play open world MMO's if they want to be ordered around constantly?

    GW2 will never win the immersion in a dangerous risk vs reward world category.  But at least it offers a small bit of freedom.
    BDO offers a ton of freedom to do what you want, it also has a lot quests to do, if that is your thing.

    It's worlds different then GW2 in that it is both kind of a theme park, as you can always have a "Quest Line" to do.. but it's also very Sand Box as you are under no obligation to do those quests, and can do whatever you want in the game.
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  • DarkswormDarksworm Member RarePosts: 1,066
    Darksworm said:
    I found that it's fun if you just do map completion, largely because the point of hte game is exploring and participating in the dynamic events that pop up near you.  If you try to play it like a Quest "Hub" game, then you're going to be frustrated.

    That being said, I quit when HoT was released because those maps are absolute cancer.

    I just tried it again when I tried to get a friend to start playing, but ended up decided to buy him another game to play with me, because I got on my level 80 and was just dying repeatedly trying to get to many of those Hero Point objectives.  HoT feels like if chess was made into an MMORPG.

    It's absolutely not fun playing on those maps, so the buck stops there for me.  I moved on, and I didn't buy PoFire "just in case" like I did with HoT.  If I hadn't just pre-ordered on a whim and waited for reviews, I could have saved myself some money.

    I'd play through the base content, cause it's free, and then I'd think long and hard (and watch a lot of YouTube videos, streamers on Twitch, etc. to see if you can even stomach the content in the expansions).

    A day or so ago, in another thread, while criticizing everything about ESO, you specifically compared it to GW2 and proceeded to bestow high praise on GW2 talking about how great and dynamic GW2s questing is and how you would highly recommend it to new players.  Yet here you are, just a day or so later, talking about GW2s maps being absolute cancer, how absolutely not fun playing through its maps is, and criticizing it to the point of moving on stating that had you not pre-ordered it on a whim and waited for reviews, you could have saved some money.

    You, furthermore, end your post by suggesting to the OP to just play through the content simply because 'its free" and to think long and hard while researching expansion videos to see if the OP can "even stomach" the content.  

    I would not be highlighting the above if your posts were not so astoundingly hypocritical that it simply boggles the mind.  It is also deserving mention because you even managed to be quite condescending to a fellow poster while doing so.  I would strongly suggest that you exert a bit more integrity in your future posts so as not to waste your peer posters time acknowledging and responding to your posts.  

    And you fail to understand:

    1.  The dynamic events in GW2 are fabulous.
    2.  The HoT Maps are cancer

    Are not two mutually exclusive things.

    Everyone agrees those maps were awful, except the game's biggest fanboys.  It was the biggest complain about the HoT expansion.

    I've also said good things about ESO in threads critiquing other MMORPGs.

    That's called being objective.  Not liking a gam does not mean that I am unable to give due credit to elements of it where it has succeeded.

    Nothing hypocritical about that.

    You just aren't that intelligent.
  • zimboy69zimboy69 Member UncommonPosts: 395
    one special thing about gw2  some times you come across some small cave  or opening and then you feel like a adventurer
    heading in, no idea whats in there,  what you have to do    and these are some of the best moments in gw2
    the best way to  play is  solo  or in a small group  and not follow  trains  they tend to be only interested in  loot and miss the exploration part which is sometimes the best part of the game 



  • ChimborazoChimborazo Member UncommonPosts: 146
    Main focus on the game experience has always been Dynamic Events.
    I suggest all new players to set a "course of action" like "I'm gonna reach this spot for the main quest" but then catch ANY occasion to make a detour, explore, reach that vista, gather something, do that dynamic event. You level pretty fast if you understand that "those random things that pop around" are the real deal (on my first character, I often ended up being above the level range of a map before actually leaving it for the next one). The main quest line can be a little "meh" (I prefer GW1 on this subject probably) but the dynamic events replace all those bad secondary quests of other MMOs. A very common problem for new players is that they run like a train towards green stars, ignore the events unless they don't run precisely through them, use waypoints like they were giving (not costing) you money and then they end up like "omg i've already done everything here and i just got 2 levels" when they've actually seen 1/6 of the events available in a map.
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