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guest account question

lunamarialunamaria Member Posts: 17
if i play wow on a guest account, can i upgrade
my account to a normal one with 60 day time cards(30 days, 30 bucks)
instead of a retail box cd key(30 days, ~45 bucks)? thanks


  • BballdudeBballdude Member Posts: 34

    uh dude...you need to buy the ACTUAL game first...then upgrade your account with either 30 dollar game cards or give them your credit card number

    Lifes like a million dollars

    You think its alot untill its all gone

  • lunamarialunamaria Member Posts: 17

    i can get a guest account from a friend. i just wanted to know if i could use a game time card to countinue playing or if i had to use a cd key from a retail box.

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