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Whats your ideal outcome of WoW Classic?



  • FinvegaFinvega Member RarePosts: 260
    I would like to see progression servers through Wrath... and stop there. Take 2-3 yrs for the progression to complete.
  • NildenNilden Member EpicPosts: 3,523
    Nilden said:
    thunderC said:
    My ideal outcome would be more people playing classic than retail, such a lopsided proportion that Blizzard is forced to rethink everything about the current direction of WOW. 
    I also want this to happen but it would be the entire MMORPG industry that is forced to rethink everything.
    Hoo boy, how to put this.... Ok would such an outcome hurt my feelings? Hell no. However I doubt this will happen. The majority of the gamer base seem to want less time consuming games, not even more grind in their grind.

    And on the miraculous chance that your scenario does happen, wouldn't the entire industry being forced to rethink everything just result in the same old copy Wow fest that stagnated and ratfucked the genre in the first place?
    Oh give me a break it took two weeks /played to hit 60 in vanilla.

    I'm talking about the implications if vanilla is more popular than current WoW. Which has a lot more to do with WoW then vs WoW now then who is gonna copy it.

    What happens if vanilla has more players than current WoW?

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  • gorro187gorro187 Member UncommonPosts: 234
    end game as far as a product. I would love if it picked up a large enough following and saw a large enough amount of subs for it that they decided to dedicate a team to developing it as a side to side vs normal wow.  But with the old guard ways of doing content.
  • FrodoFraginsFrodoFragins Member EpicPosts: 5,574
    Ideally it feels like classic WOW, the servers are full with higher capacity than they were at launch and that there is no cross realm play of ANY kind.

    I can accept QoL additions, but I hope they don't go overboard.  If it proves VERY popular making a server or two have more QoL things than others would be fine too.

    I'd like it to be successful enough to give us BC and WOTLK eventually.  Preferably with the abillity to xfer characters from a classic to TBC or TBC to WOTLK
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  • blamo2000blamo2000 Member RarePosts: 1,127
    blamo2000 said:
    Best outcome for me personally would be it launches, people remember exactly why all the changes and mutations that changed Wow forever were made, and then silently move on. Thereby proving once and for all that classic MMORPGs are well and truly dead, and we can stop all this pointless shilly shallying hoping for an MMO Renaissance.
    Why know why the did it - to attract a broader audience - including super casuals and literal small children.   The issue isn't QoL features - its the stripping of the core of the game, all the systems and mechanics that appealed to thinking adults.  I highly doubt anyone displaced by this is going to login and think, "Hey.  Thinking and trying are dumb!  Clicker Heroes here I come!"
    I'm willing to bet that's exactly what most of the people who never played classic Wow will think after they've played for a couple of weeks. That plus however many old vets remember just how much of a grind the old game was and start thinking, "Huh yeah done all this before" and/or "Man I don't have time to devote to this like I used to.
    I agree a lot of young people will log in and think it sucks and log out.  Even more will look at the graphics and go back to their consoles.  

    This argument has been hashed out over and over.  WoW Classic isn't going to appeal to large amounts of people.  We all agree - but it is infuriating that these same people claim that the millions and millions of people that left WoW because it became too sophomoric are somehow going to have an epiphany and realize that all of a sudden they really do like shit for kids and they should have just stuck with the glory that is modern WoW all along.  

    I said this before - its like Harry Potter fans claiming that since they dislike the works of Thoreau and Dostoevsky that no one will be interested in them.  Its truly ridiculous.  
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