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Warhammer Online: More Screens!

AdminAdmin Administrator RarePosts: 5,623

We have just received 2 new and exclusive screen shots from Warhammer Online!  These should be our last Warhammer screens until after the holiday season.  Enjoy!

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  • FlemFlem Member UncommonPosts: 2,868
    This game is looking good.

  • BurnBabyBurnBurnBabyBurn Member Posts: 44

    I went to Games Day to see this game is action and it does look very cool, too bad its got a monthly feeimage.

    Also the game is going to be filled with Warhammer nutsimage but after i heard about this game i have got kind of into the table top game and its not that bad expensive but fun just like PC gaming, tut i have to spend another like 200 pounds to upgrade my machine ready for next year, grrrr not happy!

    "Fear Not What Deaths Brings But Nor What It Gives"

    "Fear Not What Death Brings But Nor What It Gives"

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