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Looking for an Omni PvP/fun/active Guild

AnkorAnkor Member Posts: 258

I am looking at returning to AO to play in a PvP oriented, fun Omni guild.

I prefer adult players...but whatever guild is consistantly active and dedicated would work just as good.

Can anyone provide links to such guilds?

Forgive the noobness...I played at Launch and have gone back a couple times since.... but nothing substantial.

Help if you can. Flame if you desire. ::::28::


  • theratmonkeytheratmonkey Member Posts: 684
    Well, if you're going to return to AO to pvp, you better atleast have one higher level character first. ( For farming money. )

    The thing about AO and pvp, is that most of the people who pvp are ridiculously twinked beyond belief.
    So, if you're planning on pvp, I would suggest you make a character mainly for money, get him up a good bit, then make a new character for pvp.
    As for finding an org, just go on Anarchy and look for one. ( Again, this is where a high level character comes in handy - most of the better orgs that pvp are usually higher level orgs. )


  • BrotheryangBrotheryang Member UncommonPosts: 174
    As the above post states many people have had a lot of time to twink out there toons. i agree with him you wont get anywhere in pvp unless you have a toon who can farm a lot or you ebay creds ( wouldnt do)....... Also the realy PVP will not happen till Lost Eden is out. So that will give you alot of time for a farming toon =D
  • theratmonkeytheratmonkey Member Posts: 684
    Thank god, they're re-vamping the entire PvP system on their. Because in my opinion, it needed alot of work.
    It sounds pretty awesome. Especially the part about mechs. I'm also hoping they'll be updating the combat system/animation to make it a bit less bland.


  • BrotheryangBrotheryang Member UncommonPosts: 174
    Yea if they would redo some of the attacks that would be awsome
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