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Guys, the ultimate FREE mmorpg!


Hey guys, I just wanna let a reminder:
It really rocks guys, there are 12 races and many many jobs and classes and a worlda cuztomization!
It really rocks and it is totally free! But its in development stage, but u can still play to explore, but play and stay tuned to the site cuz its the ultimate mmorpg game, guys!
Go there and see! U may go on the forums, see info, or screenshots!
send me feedback plz!




  • ConstantineConstantine Member Posts: 36
    What is combat in this game like? Is it real time, or EQ like? Also, I was looking on the site and don't see a listing of the 12 races, can you give me a link to the info?

  • rathmarathma Member UncommonPosts: 3,786
     Uh, i followed this game way back and i just came back to the site today and NOTHING has changed whatsoever.



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  • ThePatientThePatient Member Posts: 90
    Unfortunately, I tried to download planeshift and because .bat files dont work on my computer I cant install it.  Looks pretty good though.




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  • Grace37Grace37 Member Posts: 4

    I downloaded it.

    I rebuild the exe.

    I created my character.

    i tryed to upload.

    it wouldent.

    I dont know anymore than that.



  • tummblertummbler Member UncommonPosts: 267

    yes, i started to follow this particular mmorpg way back when as well... and i visited the site upon your request and NOTHING ...

    absolutely nothing as changed,. send the developers a couple of emails and check if the planeshift project is even up and running. lol, i dont really want to.



  • chrisklchriskl Member Posts: 1

    The project isn't dead. In fact, we are currently in testing of the next release, which has monsters, combat, magic and everything. Check out for some preview screens.

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