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Missing Diablo II? The Curse of Tristram Starts Alpha Testing on May 11th - News



  • kjempffkjempff Member RarePosts: 1,699
    Wonder to what degree the sc2 engine can support the fast response feedback that is needed to be a decent emulated arpg experience. Not buying sc2 just to find out, but would still be interesting to know :)
  • TorvalTorval Member LegendaryPosts: 21,457
    Nyctelios said:
    Torval said:
    Nyctelios said:
    Gorwe said:
    kairel182 said:
    Gorwe said:
    Diablo 3 has 3 very powerful things on his side: exciting, good quality combat / simplicity + polish and the IP / Blizz sticker. None of other aRPGs can match it there. But a lot of them are better in other ways.
    I mean, I wouldn't use any of these adjectives to describe D3 in the least.  The only thing it has is the IP backing it, and that's even loosely associated because the story line was horrendous. It felt like a bad fan fiction.
    I as a purveyor of Diablo lore will agree to the level of quality of Diablo 3's story. The best part is Azmodan, easily. He is just what he should be: an oversized windbag. Which aRPG do you think is better polished or better in gameplay?
    Yeah... but his design is really underwhelming. All designs of that game are really underwhelming and forgetable. They "wow-fied" the game too much. Too many pointing shoulder pads and skulls gemstones over cloth armor (?!).

    Just like in heroes of storm in which Jaina has a knee metal plate over her cloth pants (?!?!!??!). Blizzard is really good with colors I'll admit, but some of their designs looks like was made by a 7 years old who can't stop 3 seconds to look and think about it.
    Unlike the memorable art and cinematics in.... :lol: yeah.
    In diablo 2, yes. If I see a screenshot without hud from D2 or a sprite from D2, or an Item from D2 I instantly know is from d2. It had it's own vibe and it is impossible to deny its influence in modern gaming (points at Path of Exile).

    The same can't be said for D3. Which is sad because there are less known arpgs that are way more iconic than D3, like Torchlight or my all time favorite Sacred.
    I think it's great you find a F2P whale driven D2 derivative memorable. I don't. I do find your sanctimonious tone hilarious. 
    traveller, interloper, anomaly, iteration

  • DakeruDakeru Member EpicPosts: 3,797
    I am completely unfamiliar with SC2 Arcade.
    I installed the game and found some custom maps.

    Could someone tell me what I need to to do access this Diablo 2 test?
    Harbinger of Fools
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