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Humble Servant

I played Vanguard Saga of Heroes way later.  Infact after it was sold to SOE and the Trial Island was introduced.  Almost everyone I played with had more knowledge of the game.  Being a second generation mmorpg player, I didn't realize what I was in for as far as difficulty.  Even at level three I hit my first group cave, ran in and got destroyed by mobs.  After two attempts, I actually thought this game is either extremely hard or broken.  I'm only level three for Christ sake !....... Well I had to do something, I was too intrigued to quit.  I had to humble myself and wait for others to group.  The first player that came along, I asked to group and asked a million questions.  We chatted for about fifteen minuets, that went beyond just the cave.....Very in lighting.  We eventually kicked some butt in the cave, but more importantly I made a great friend at level 3 !  

I over exaggerated this story a little to make a point. 

This game is not an "I" game, but a "we" game.  

Coming from World of Warcraft, Dungeons and Dragons and Everquest 2 I understood this concept, but not to this extent where you can't do very much alone.  Even later on around level 12 I found you couldn't leave towns by yourself.  I really learned the "we" struggle...... This was so fascinating and set the stage for a "new level" of a real mmorpg !!!!!  

From here I made a vow to help others in a game that I was a noob at :)  

I decided to study dungeon web sites, find in game locations and entrances, then start inviting anyone I could recruit from Veterans to beginners.  Without having a clue and using the social panel I would invite and get groups together.  I became good at it, infact great.  I always had a group of people around me.  Even Veterans of Vanguard would say how do you do this, the population in this game is low ?........ I would say...... I don't have a clue but I like being around people !!!...... Thank God, their was always someone else to take charge and I would let them go because I barley knew what I was doing.  But one thing for sure WE ALWAYS HAD FUN. 

I stepped out of my comfort zone.  I'll do it again in Pantheon, to generate fun and make a huge amount of friends :)


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    In real life,
    When I was much younger, I had and older friend at work.  This guy had a dynamic personality. People always around him....... Without going into detail, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out his trick, what's his key to all of this ?....... One day I figured it out...... He never talked about himself.  He always did things for others !!!  

    In mmorpgs, 
    Most everyone is out for themselves, gaining levels, getting better loot, even group content many are after a self goal they set for themselves.  

    I'm like above.  On a good day, If I take a real hard look at myself.  I'm truly selfish, I get rapped up in my accomplishment's and what I want.  I can hide this by pretending I care.  Sometimes I really do care, but taking a hard look.... not much !  

    One day, 
    A few years ago I had a good day of thinking clear.  I logged into Vanilla World of Warcraft with my mid level character and joined a very populated Guild.  Nothing special about this Guild, just a lot of people.  I opened the Guild panel and sent a few /tells to others around my level "hay, need any help?"....... Now understand, Vanilla World of Warcraft may be a second generation mmo, but many quest involve help.  Their is a lot of content that cant be done alone.  Most ignore them and keep them in their log hoping some miracle happens. Think about it, this happens to you !  

    Well, guess what ?..... It worked !..... For the next few days I was all over the map doing content I never dreamed of, and had tons of fun :)  

    A few days later, I was back to my normal selfish self :(  

    Right now, 
    I have a level 11 Rogue in Vanilla World of Warcraft.  If you could recall from the past, at this level you out leveled one zone, and too low for the next.  It's a bad spot to be in.  But only if your selfish !  

    Well, I'm logging in, joining a populated Guild and I'll do others stuff, even if I don't have their quest, I have all the flight paths unlocked.....Imagine that :)
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    Good post delete. I'm in a similar situation. There's this guy and he's so well liked and he's always communicating with others and cracking jokes. Then there's me, I'm quiet and inside myself. I never know what to say. It's hard to break the ice collecting around me. He's warm and conducive. He makes others feel involved.

    I think the best I can do is smile at every opportunity and say "Hello" or "Hope things are going well" or "Later". I want people to know I have no ill feelings towards them. It helps to break the ice. It's not him, but it's closer to him.

    You're right. MMO is Massive MultiPLAYER. Playing with others, not soloing. I've soloed. Sometimes I want to play lightly (afk). But whne it comes down to it, it's other people who've made my time in MMO's magical. When I think back on Everquest, it's not the items I remember, but the people. Yes, greed is a factor in adventure, and I can't imagine life without it, but without others to experience hte adventure with, it's not magical anymore. None of the single player games have had the same affect on me. Because I was alone. I hope when it's all said and done, I can say others felt magic when with me (and not just me benefiting from their presence).
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