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May Developer Blog Highlights Server and Client Improvements - Project Gorgon - MMORPG.com

SBFordSBFord Former Associate EditorMember LegendaryPosts: 33,126

imageMay Developer Blog Highlights Server and Client Improvements - Project Gorgon - MMORPG.com

Project Gorgon News - The latest Project Gorgon developer update has been posted to the game's official site. Readers are informed about recent improvements to stabilize the client and improve performance, framerate and much more. In addition, several server optimizations have been put into place alongside in-game improvements including treasure / skill changes, weapon tweaks, DoT ability changes, the new Priest skill and even more. Lastly, the team continues to work on Steam integration.

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  • krulerkruler Member UncommonPosts: 589
    Unity is the main issue here, this game should not be chugging so badly for what it is, love the game but man at times its like treacle being poured from the freezer.

    It is however a refreshing MMORPG just needs a better refreshing engine, ask Daybreak about the EQ1 engine hear its going real real cheap, despite it being older than Moses still runs better than Unity in this instance.

  • shavashava Member UncommonPosts: 316
    From the devblog:

    The underlying animation bottleneck is a limitation of the graphics engine we use, Unity. Animations in Unity are all calculated in a single thread of the CPU, so when the game has to render 100 animating players, your performance will always be bad. And there's frankly nothing I can do to magically fix that.

    In the longer term, this is a problem that Unity itself will fix. Unity added a feature called "graphics jobs" which fixes the animation bottleneck. Unfortunately, the feature is still labeled "Experimental", and the last time we tried to use it (late last year), it caused random crashes for random people. They've made bug-fixes since then, but it's still labeled Experimental, so I'm hesitant to inflict it on players again. But when this feature is finally ready for primetime, it will basically solve the animation performance problem.

    In the meantime, what can we do? Well, we can reduce the number of characters that are animating. In fact, try this now: in the Settings window, under graphics options, click "Show Advanced Options" and then set the "Entity Animation Distance Multiplier" to its minimum value. This will cause players to stop animating when they're farther away from you, and you can see how it affects your framerate in busy areas.

    If you dig another layer down, the problem isn't Unity5. The problem is the cost models for game engine licensing, for indy game developers.

    And if you dig yet another layer down? The problem is that game engines are actually tackling more complex problems than a general purpose operating system, in terms of looking to create a high level of immersive performance on an essentially arbitrary set of hardware and software on this Frankenstein that we humans call "the PC" for purposes of semantic convenience.

    This is why a few years back people were predicting the death nell of PC gaming, and the dominance of consoles by this point. But so far, Moore's Law has saved PC gaming, and what is killing the MMO is not performance so much as gamer ennui and player culture that causes gamers to be loyal either to metagame groups, or no one and no game or studio.

    Project Gorgon is a game of ideas, and I wish them luck. Regardless of what they do, I think they know they will never be a "WOW killer," but a game for a niche loyal market, if they are lucky -- one of those games like A Tale in the Desert that runs forever with subs and a strong community with fanatic loyalty, and a tiny dev staff that can support that scale.

    Because of game engine licensing, they are forced to use Unity -- or something like it. If they can use Unity this transparently and responsibly, they may make it to what I believe their internal goals are and create a great small game and community.
  • drivendawndrivendawn Member RarePosts: 2,137
    edited May 2018
    So glad Priest is coming out next patch along with off hand knife.
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