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Warhammer Online - Return of Reckoning

With WOW and Everquest 2 I never got a chance to play Warhammer Age of reckoning. I just started playing this game a couple days ago. I can't STOP! I cant believe how fun this is. The server after a couple days has jumped to over 900 active last time i checked.  Try it out!


  • PriddypwnyPriddypwny Member UncommonPosts: 32
    Thanks for the bump on this, I may have to try it out.
  • PriddypwnyPriddypwny Member UncommonPosts: 32
    Eh, it failed =/ I was able to get the game running one time and now the login server is red and the reason says the machine refused the connection or something idk. too bad I was almost done choosing a character too!
  • WickedWonWickedWon Member CommonPosts: 1
    I am having a lot of fun on this server. They are updating it frequently which is great and a few of the more toxic developers have left which is even better
  • FrodoFraginsFrodoFragins Member EpicPosts: 5,572
    I'm gonna try it.  I'm already bored with STO on my second try.  It's such a boring leveling process.
  • GrandpaDJGrandpaDJ Member UncommonPosts: 130
    It is a well done private server. Doesn't cost anything to play and can easily put many, many hours into it.
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