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New Blog Shows Off How Devs Want You to Always Have a Good Hair Day - City of Titans News

SystemSystem Member UncommonPosts: 3,129

imageNew Blog Shows Off How Devs Want You to Always Have a Good Hair Day - City of Titans News

The latest City of Titans developer blog has been posted, this time showing off the process of how the team is working hard to make sure that players always have a good hair day. It begins with the discussion of how

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  • RafkinYscarRafkinYscar Member CommonPosts: 2
    Basically an article saying, “We want to do this thing that everybody knows won’t work and we’ve found out that it doesn’t work.”
  • AmatheAmathe Member LegendaryPosts: 6,060
    So I get remedial math hair. Too bad. Still look forward to this game though.

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  • DavodtheTuttDavodtheTutt Member UncommonPosts: 405
    Yeah, I don't care about the finer graphics issues, especially for a game at start-up (that I would like to play NOW, or several years ago). I hope that they will concentrate on the basics, set up enjoyable gameplay, make it very easy and desirable to build teams from the complete strangers who happen to be on, and GET IT DONE! They can fuss with fancy graphics later, as long as it is a full 3D world with over-the-shoulder with zoom-in to something like first-person view.
  • MysteryBMysteryB Member UncommonPosts: 355
    We literally don't give a shit about the hair moving or dynamic graphics, I just want City of Heroes or a clone as close as possible. This is a waste of money and resources.

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