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Lancelot Mid-Season Patch Brings Respec, GvG Training Battles & More - Albion Online Video Podcast

SystemSystem Member UncommonPosts: 5,023
edited May 2018 in Videos Discussion

imageLancelot Mid-Season Patch Brings Respec, GvG Training Battles & More - Albion Online Video Podcast

The latest Albion Online dev talk has been released alongside the Lancelot Mid-Season update. Players and fans can learn more about GvG balance changes, GvG training battles, the new re-spec option and combat balance changes.

Read the full story here


  • RenoakuRenoaku Member EpicPosts: 3,116
    edited May 2018
    Again the company is going more into the wrong direction by bringing gear softcaps...

    The game is or was supposed to be about hard-core pvp, and a free economy all the company has been doing is taking the game in the wrong direction starting months ago with the anti-zerg limits, and now soft caps, as well as telling users in the EULA you can't trade, receive or.give items away because one or more party may get ban.

    Albion was great during early alpha, but now.im.leaning towards another game called Arc Fall very similar game but better graphics and the ability to freely trade or give items away, and hopefully serious pvp later on like Albion used to have.
  • RasiemRasiem Member UncommonPosts: 318
    This game seems pretty dead and doesn't have the best reviews on steam but ill keep and eye on it.
  • LobotomistLobotomist Member EpicPosts: 5,859
    Its great direction. Game is very fun to play right now

  • RenoakuRenoaku Member EpicPosts: 3,116
    Rasiem said:
    This game seems pretty dead and doesn't have the best reviews on steam but ill keep and eye on it.
    Actually it doesn't have any reviews on "Steam" yet although the company is known for "Censorship", way back looking up information on the Google Search engine I found complaints about the company censoring people I didn't believe them, but then I experienced it first hand myself, got banned off their "steam discussion" for complaining that 4.5.1 shouldn't be there because it's not a true sandbox, and another person banned immediately after their post is still on the Reddit actually seems like the Reddit isn't being looked at as much.



    https://imgur.com/a/B3cLvs9 (No reason given) 

    No need to post all the other drama, but the "Censorship" isn't looking good for Steam Reviews, I personally plan to hop on my other steam account if I have to buy the game for $9.99 or whatever again just to leave a big fat negative review which can't be censored, and also flagged the game for not being a Sandbox because i've spoken with like every other sandbox game developer out there none of them punish players for freely trading.

    Now they could totally make the game great again, but they are going to have to fix mistakes they have admitted to, and stop blaming the customers for their own mistakes like with the laborer journal thing which they called an exploit but put all that info in patch notes.
  • Larec80Larec80 Member UncommonPosts: 3
    edited May 2018

    Renoaku said:


    Dude, you might want to chill out.

    Where does the hate come from? Oh wait, I see. You were banned because you "traded" - yeeeah, right. Somehow I heard THAT one before.

    BTT, Albion is a good game. It has its flaws, sure, but it's still young and each patch only makes it better. It's fun as it is, and that's what counts.

    P.S. Oh wow, I lurked on this page for over a decade, but this post actually made me comment for the first time - yikes.
  • aCi11i3saCi11i3s Member UncommonPosts: 54
    Love being surprised and Albion has done that. ESO and similar games could take notes on what progression and end game is all about. We build our characters for the toughest of challenges. This is one that I thought had no chance but I find myself logging in every day with a sence of purpose. The grind doesn’t feel like work but fun. It’s anything but perfect, but it’s nice to play a game that does know exactly what its purpose is too.
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