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How Smedly Madeoff with EQ Next! Sad day for MMORPG's



  • PhryPhry Member LegendaryPosts: 10,835

    forcelima said:

    Yeah smedley crucified christ . Was an advisor to Hitler and created Isis and engineered brexit. Damn you smedley damn you...

    ROFL, if that was true (about him engineering Brexit) then we'd have carried him around the country on our shoulders like a hero O.o
    I would have characterised him as the chief Remoaner  :p
  • MightyUncleanMightyUnclean Member EpicPosts: 2,518
    This thread was a dead as EQ Next, and then it got necrooooooed!
  • OG_ZorvanOG_Zorvan Member EpicPosts: 1,830
    edited May 2017
    Smedley wasn't responsible for SOE's downturn and eventual demise, Sony was. Sure, Smed ran roughshod everywhere, but that was because Sony didn't bother to give him a boss ( when they added one of their own executives as Smed's oversight who Smed actually had to finally answer to ) until the final year or two before the SOE sell off. Smed and McQuaid both suffer the same flaw: they're great at ideas, have huge overly-inflated egos that enter into absolute ridiculousness ( only outshone in that regard by the idiot Garriott ), and absolutely suck at running the show. Although at least Smed wasn't a coked-out loser.

    MMORPG.COM took away my swinging cheerleader butt .gif.

  • HaplosHaplos Member UncommonPosts: 82
    edited April 2018
    Whatever happened to that company and to Smedley, their biggest mistake IMO was turning the whole company into a F2P dispenser. Designing new games and changing all their existing games to become cash grabs was the first step to their demise. That terrible decision led them head on to ruin. 

     I past though here and being me couldn't resist adding my 2 cents worth smile:   EQN was promised and we paid into it expecting their company was good to it's word.   What for me was a great deal of their demise was there lost of trust.....I dumped money into it, on the promise of a game and it wasn't delivered.  Now them and even Brad for me have lost my confidence.  I won't dump money again into a game that they have anything to do with until I see that it's a viable game.  Pantheon was mentioned above....looks really good, but they want seed money that I won't put up until they actually have a game.  Now if this is just me it's no major, but if they lose a lot of their old supporters to this way of thinking it will and seems to me has cost them in their credibility and that costs them money.

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