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To Prime or not to Prime?

YashaXYashaX Member EpicPosts: 2,415
That is the question!

First, though, let's get the elephant in the room out of the way. Yeah, you know what I am talking about, that ugly as sin title screen we have to suffer through every time we load the game. What on Earth were they thinking? Even as hyped up as I was to start playing again, my heart sank when I saw that monstrosity:

That is perhaps the worst game art I have ever seen and totally unrepresentative of the wonderful dark aesthetic that permeates the game.  The music in the character creation screen is similarly vomit inducing, but thankfully I have only had to endure that once (I don't think I could take it again). 

I just can't understand it: the game itself has wonderful cohesive art direction, but these two elements are amateur hour in the extreme. How hard would it be to put some decent music on the character creator that matches the mood of the game and a nice screen shot of a rift or something instead of that, that ... thing...

Anyway, to Prime or not to Prime?

Well, let me blow your minds lovers of subscription mmos!
After the initial rush of excitement and nostalgia, I started to notice something: my hour to hour playing experience on Prime was really no different than it was on Live! It was still the same old great game, with the same old good and bad points.

The main differences for me was that there were more people playing at low levels and I couldn't buy the advanced souls with cash: I had to grind planarite for them. The first point is awesome, its great to play in such a well populated world; but the second point actually has made the Prime experience worse for me than Live because it changed my focus from having fun to grinding.

Once I noticed that the gameplay really felt no different whatsoever to the f2p version, I started asking other people in game what they thought. Interestingly, no one could give a compelling reason why Prime was any better than live. There was a lot of prejudice against f2p, but no concrete reasoning behind it. Many people just seemed to believe that f2p was bad without having thought about what was really different.

For me Prime was always about reliving that Rift launch experience and giving me an excuse to wander back into Rift's world. I have had a wonderful time, but can't see myself subbing for more than a month. The live server is as good if not better, imo. 

What are your thoughts? Do you have any rationale about why Prime trumps live? Will you switch over to live when Prime ends? Is it just blind prejudice that keeps people away from Rift's f2p, when they would otherwise consider it a great game?


  • Gobstopper3DGobstopper3D Member RarePosts: 867
    From what i understand, the code is the same as the F2P code, just with some minor changes in how things are purchased.  Some mounts that are bought from the cs in f2p game are drops in prime.  Most everything else is the same.

    This isn't what I was expecting.  I thought it was the original game from when rift first opened with maybe fixes, but it's not.  It's still enjoyable, but I won't play on the f2p server at all.  That is just me though.  I would rather know that everyone else earned what they had than bought their way to the end which you can do on the F2P servers from what I'm told.

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  • TiamatRoarTiamatRoar Member RarePosts: 1,517
    Sheez, that title screen... it's like, they thought, "Boobs!  That's good enough!" and didn't even bother making sure those boobs were at least well-drawn.  Oo
  • GrandpaDJGrandpaDJ Member UncommonPosts: 120
    I like the title screen. Reminds me of EQ2 loading screen art! The purpose of Prime is not vanilla, but the existing game without a cash shop and with gated content. For better or worse, the company was completely up-front about it. Considering how many people are playing Prime any time of the day, it has clearly been a huge success so far. If you like Rift but the cash shop turned you off, play it. If Rift was never your thing, Prime won't change that.
  • delete5230delete5230 Member EpicPosts: 6,038
    I'm enjoying it....... Will NEVER give a Cash shop a dime....... Ever !! 

    They don't belong in an mmorpg.  

    - I don't really like the easer game play but that's standard anymore.  At least it's not as easy as most..... At least you can notice the difference from one ability to the next, and that's a step in the right direction. 

    - I have to admit I have a little RPG burnout, been hitting single player games pretty hard. 

    - I'm waiting for Pillars of Eternity to release (about a month and a half away), and at some point FarCry 5 I'll be playing.   

    But yah, I've been enjoying Rift Prime.
  • YashaXYashaX Member EpicPosts: 2,415
    Prime has also highlighted some interesting issues with Rift in general: for example the first area is quite active, but it is kind of empty in levelling zones after that. The focus on having to grind planatrite means that it is better to just stay in the first zone, because there just aren't enough opportunities (invasions etc) in the second area to justify spending time there.

    I guess some players enjoy the quest/storyline etc, but for me Rift has always been about the dynamic events. Prime is somewhat disappointing in that sense as well: invasions remain easily dealt with and have no major impact on the gameworld. 

    Prime could have been an opportunity to push the bounds of Rift's distinguishing gameplay mechanic, but in the end its just the same old game except you have to pay more for it to get less.

    And that title screen, omg ...

  • flashmemoryflashmemory Member UncommonPosts: 4
    edited July 2018
    I have been messing with Prime,  and it is quite fun. Back when Rift wasn't free to play the devs worked much harder to get classes balanced and bring us content. They wanted everyone to experience the new content so the grind was much lower. I use to raid and Pug all the raids from GSB to ID and had several toons with relic pieces. It was a fantastic experience back then. 

    When Rift went free to play the devs didn't seem to care as much. They didn't have that feeling of losing money and subscribers anymore I guess  so they seem to constantly cut back development or bring in quality changes.
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  • HefaistosHefaistos Member UncommonPosts: 346
    For those who are concerned, Prime server is NoT vanilla Rift it is Live server with progression, that means they will add, more and more and more when time will come.

    i am currently logged in rift and just finished a lvl 50 dungeon on expert. lvl 50 content which is supposed to be expert its easier than normal, which are way way tougher. 

    it took me 3 weeks to lvl to 50 which was long and fun. i did lvl 10-30 full pvp in warfronts, lvl 30-40 mix of pve and pvp. at lvl 40+ in pvp the  healing is 2 much and 3-4 dps players cant kill 1 healer, 3 healers can keep 1 raid up. Imagine 40 players sitting and throwing spells and skills and no death after 15 mins.

    With an average of 1 high end bis item at lvl 50 per day you will be geared in less than a week without much trouble. Thats it. Thats prime. While i am writing this post there is no lvl 50 content for raid. I am geared for raid for 1 week. Already canceled subscription but i still have 2 days left or so, so i will stick around 

    The most op classes/specs are Mystic Archer Mage and Saboteur Rogue, they have 3 classes and they do usually 2-3x more dmg than Warrior and Clerics. Their ballance class team is so dumb they nerfed Clerics 2 specs, Runeshaper and Defiler because they were doing 2 much dmg in bracket 10-19 in pvp, so they gimped the lvl 50 specs. 

    On prime time EU/NA (that means half a day) the lag is so bad that you have 2-5s animation cast on skills and everyhting. Thats so bad in dungeons. 

    Its a 7 years old game but they keep making the same mistakes over and over and over and over...again. also check their forums about bugs and class balances.

  • MMOExposedMMOExposed Member RarePosts: 7,031
    what is Prime?


  • JeffSpicoliJeffSpicoli Member EpicPosts: 2,849
    what is Prime?
    Its this thing on Amazon that use to be awesome that doesn't seem to work the way it use to . I can't be the only one that is getting shitting 3 or 4 days later than im suppose to?
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  • TorvalTorval Member LegendaryPosts: 19,934
    thunderC said:
    what is Prime?
    Its this thing on Amazon that use to be awesome that doesn't seem to work the way it use to . I can't be the only one that is getting shitting 3 or 4 days later than im suppose to?
    I was supposed to get a delivery today, but there isn't a place to park the semi truck and trailer. I'm like, what? You didn't sort that out before you left? They wanted me to meet them in town and pick it up. I'm like no dude, I paid for "to the door" and I don't have a truck or I wouldn't have needed a delivery. Sort it out and have dispatch call me back. Why the hell do they expect me to do their job for them? WTF.

    I've had the worst experience with products shipped directly from Amazon using third party freight companies. They suck and act like a bunch of amateurs. When it's UPS/USPS it's not more timely but at least it actually usually gets here, mostly.

    Rift Prime was similarly underwhelming. This was a relaunch. It should be polished as hell. Instead it was like these guys just published the game. If you were going to play Rift I'd suggest Live servers with a sub.
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  • psiicpsiic Member RarePosts: 1,617
    " vomit inducing " pretty much sums it up
  • fanglofanglo Member UncommonPosts: 313
    The whole point of a monthly sub mmo game is to pay for the servers and continued updates to the game.

    The point of a store game is to give players items that they might buy. Content is added to get people to spend more at the store and not really as decent content that players are interested in.

    That all being said, since they still have the item store, a portion of any money earned will go towards the development of new cash shop crap. Oh and as a last note since Trion actively silences PvP players that don't like the direction the game is giong in if you like to PvP you might want to stay away from Rift.

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  • NumeroUnomynameNumeroUnomyname Member CommonPosts: 6
    I'm enjoying prime; yep there might be some issues but I don't care to be honest
  • Octagon7711Octagon7711 Member LegendaryPosts: 8,926
    edited October 2018
    For anyone interested. I got this email today.  I never tried the Prime version so will probably give it a go for two weeks. I didn't see anything about an offer valid until date.

    Check out what you’ve been missing with a FREE 14-day trial for RIFT Prime access.
    • Challenge Greenscale’s Blight – Prove your skill in this classic raid
    • Warrior Overhaul & Giant Soul Update – Better balance, better gameplay
    • New Character Slot – Got alts? Now you do!
    • Crafting Rifts Now Available – Stock up on supplies
    Your trial will begin as soon as you claim this offer. 


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