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Hi. Why i can't Put up a Comment on a news post ? "Solved"

FedayginFedaygin Member UncommonPosts: 45
edited March 2018 in Help Desk
Not on this Forum, but new article post made by It has 1x comment so far. When i try to put a comment i get response from server: "Body is Required" :/
I can tell that i have basic Human Body atm. Or well not basic as bit of weird looking zombie now cause lil zzz time behind :pensive: Will fix it during next zzz. Stupid clocks 1hr forward then.. Good that some countries in EU have voted against it. Hopefully we get rid of it soon as it doesn't make any sense / don't bring any difference to day. More harm than good.

EDIT: For some Reason Now i can put a comment :o Still show's "Body is Required" inside a Red Note Box, but Comment Field opens below it. At 1st 2x times when tired then Comment field didn't appear. 

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  • KyleranKyleran Member LegendaryPosts: 39,279
    Not sure why you cant post a comment, but I can share in your pain about "spring forward" which I loath.

    Where I live legislators are taking a different approach, having almost unanimously passing the "Sunshine Protection Act" in the State House which will keep us permanently on Daylight Savings time.

    Only a couple of more votes to go.


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