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Bitpet & Cryptopet

yestyyesty Member UncommonPosts: 11
Hi guys, I just discovered a new game where you use cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoins (BTC) and Etherium (ETH) to purchase these cute animal sprites and use them to buy, sell, trade, play mini-games, put up for auction, etc.
Is it worth it, though?
Is it good/bad? Really curious and I find the whole concept unique.
Oh, and the game is Bitpet for those wondering. Here is the link if it's okay to post.


  • EldurianEldurian Member EpicPosts: 2,736
    I'm personally a huge fan of games that allow RMT (Real Money Trading) because any game with trading is an RMT game like it or not. At least games that are upfront and honest about it allow you to reap the same benefits everyone else does without risking account bans. 

    The big thing with openly allowed RMT though is if everyone is doing it you need to be doing it exceptionally well to make any real money at it. So don't expect to be able to quit your dayjob. Find a game you enjoy as a hobby. Play it as a hobby. Let the money be a side thing.
  • GreatestPaladinGreatestPaladin Newbie CommonPosts: 2
    Hey yesty, I'm glad you brought that up. Anything that moves things in the way of blockchain gaming is probably a good one. The biggest drawaback is that a lot of these games are very sluggish and poor in quality compared to centralized gaming but that said, almost everything starts out that way initially. There's been many attempts at crypto games over the years and quite frankly it's probably just a matter of time and development before they start getting more and more traction simply due to the benefits of their decentralized nature.
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