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Mar 2018 friend invite code

DeserttFoxxDeserttFoxx Member UncommonPosts: 2,402
Friend invite codes for players who are subbed or new and thinking of trying the game:

Here is what you get:

Referred friends who are new to SWTOR can play up to Level 50 free with no time limit as a Free-to-Play player; they also receive the Jumpstart Bundle with boosts for faster leveling (this bundle is sold in the Cartel Market).

Jumpstart Bundle includes:

1x Quick Travel Pass
5x Minor XP Boost
1x Inventory Module
Returning Friends that were previously Premium players (Subscribers) receive seven days of premium play with unlimited access to Level 50 plus the following:

Preferred Friends Bundle includes:

Unlock: Inventory Module
Unlock: Crew Skill Slot
Customization Control: Display Titles
Customization Control: Unify Colors
One Complimentary Character Transfer for the lifetime of the account. For a full list of Subscriber benefits, visit

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