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Ben Brodie Announces Next HS Expansion: Year of the Raven with Lunara as the New Hero - Hearthstone

SystemSystem Member UncommonPosts: 7,110
edited February 2018 in News & Features Discussion

imageBen Brodie Announces Next HS Expansion: Year of the Raven with Lunara as the New Hero - Hearthstone -

Hearthstone News - The next Hearthstone expansion has been named. Called Year of the Raven, the new content is named for one of the heavenly bodies surrounding Azeroth. Year of the Raven comes with changes to both Standard and Wild game types and will include three new expansions to the card set. In addition, some of the Classic set will be inducted into the "Hall of Fame" and will be usable only in Wild ruleset games.

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  • learis1learis1 Member UncommonPosts: 169
    Very excited. Even though I love to play Exodia Mage, I know there was a lot of hate for Ice Block, so it's cool. Sad to see Codlight Oracle go though. I've heard it's because it might make mill decks too OP in the next expansions. I used him in combo decks, so hopefully they add another powerful card draw minion to replace him.

    Mend and Defend

  • HalibrandHalibrand Member UncommonPosts: 136
    Um, Suzie.... Year of the Raven is NOT the name of the expansion. We have no idea what it is yet.

    Standard play (using cards from the last two years) in Hearthstone is broken up into thematic "years," and what was announced was just the name of the theme: Year of the Raven.

    That section where you say "Wild format games will be able to choose from..." is misleading, because Wild has access to all cards, always.

    Only some quests will have reduced requirements, not ALL quests.

    The new tournament mode is being TESTED, not added. They're hoping for a beta for it in the summer.

    "The expansion's new hero..." is also misleading, as Lunara has nothing to do with the as-yet-unnamed expansion. Heroes are not linked to expansions, they come randomly whenever they get around to doing them.

    Please have someone that's played Hearthstone (and not just skimmed the news release) redo this article. :(
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