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Why not add singleplayer option like ELITE has?

TheScavengerTheScavenger Member EpicPosts: 3,321
Instances are going to be rather small anyway, so this will be more like a co-op sorta game. As far as I know, less people in each "instance" than a battlefield multiplayer server can hold. Pretty much similar to ELITE...however many people also do only singleplayer for ELITE.

ELITE has quite a big singleplayer community, which opens the door for a larger fanbase=more money for Star Citizen. The way people play the game should allow them to choose how they play...because there is no game like Star Citizen. ELITE sorta, but not the same at all. It would allow for a bigger audience who may or may not want to play online all the time.

What you guys think? Should they add a singleplayer option for those that want it?

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  • MadFrenchieMadFrenchie Member LegendaryPosts: 8,505
    Pretty sure that was part of the original plan, but scrapped in favor of focusing on the multiplayer portion.

  • GruugGruug Member RarePosts: 1,775
    There is single player. It is called Squadron 42.


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  • KellerKeller Member UncommonPosts: 602
    I don't see why not. I believe they are already going to use meshed instances. That means you can swap instances to avoid pirates/pk-ers. I wouldn't play the "extra money for the devs" card, just let people play how they want. 
  • BalmongBalmong Member UncommonPosts: 170
    Cause that's cheap, just like in E:D. Online or go home :D
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