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LF MMO like combat (fantasy) PVP

DarkHighDarkHigh Member UncommonPosts: 157
Looking for a game with pvp and mmo like combat/fantasy style. Loved Aion and Lineage 2 but they are all but dead now. Does not have to be an MMO just that kind of combat.


  • DarkHighDarkHigh Member UncommonPosts: 157
    i guess this doesnt exist. it would be kind of a weird setting to have PUBG rules with MMO classes although I would totally buy it.

  • Pr3sid3ntSkr00bPr3sid3ntSkr00b Member UncommonPosts: 53
    Black Desert or Blade n Soul maybe.  There used to be a arena style battle game with fantasy combat on Steam i just cant remember the name,....there was pyro class, mage etc....
    and its killing me now 
  • ServingSizeServingSize Member CommonPosts: 14
    i suggest you try "Return of Warrior" since you liked Lineage :) 

  • Sid_ViciousSid_Vicious Member RarePosts: 2,177
    Darkfall New Dawn just released and if you grind up for a couple days, you can transport your gear to enemy lands and find PVP every hour without any safety among people your own level so long as you are careful and ninja-like!

    I'm playing as the most "evil" race the Alfar and been having a blast! Only been working on PVE maybe a couple hours a day, then just having fun with nooby PVP the rest of the time.

    It took me 2 weeks of casual PVE to catch up to the average person so if you play a lot you could catch up much faster... but I was having fun fighting people on my second day.

    Everything mid-tier is considered the best right now and the average person only has one thing slightly leveled it seems.

    Now is the time to join it... its a dying genre.

    Released 1/28/2018... I started playing 2/7 and hardly ever PVE... already caught up to most people. If you don't play it now and wait for later than you won't be able to find PVP right away like you can now (so long as you take the risk and travel for it)...

    I've been taking all my gear to enemy lands and grinding there for more action. So much fun!

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