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New races and lost identity...

btdtbtdt Member RarePosts: 523
Ever notice how the races are losing their identity?  You have humans, night elves, dwarves, gnomes, worgen, draenai, pandaren, orcs, goblins, blood elves, troll, tauren, and undead.  Now they are adding sub-sets of said races, high mountain tauren, light forged draenai, nightborne, and void elves.

Rich culture, history and lore lost once you click on your class spec.  Shouldn't the tauren have a very unique set of armor and weapons indicative of their culture?  Why do all the races essentially look like clones of one another with the gear they use?  With the new allied races, what are essentially sub-sets of said races, you clearly see a cultural difference between your tauren of Mulgore and your tauren of High Mountain.  Why should their gear look the same as every other member of their chosen class?  

Imagine if a crafter who is tauren could only craft items that are unique to the tauren race?  Same with the other races?  Why should it be assumed they all have the same exact skill sets and create the same exact things?  Why should a draenai mage and a night elf mage look alike?  They're not even from the same universe.  Why would they adopt clothing styles of another race in lieu of their own?

It's like they all are wearing uniforms.  All trying to be uniform.  It makes races pointless.  Why make the high mountain tauren look different if in the end they wear the same thing as every other member of their class.  Shouldn't a tauren mage have different skills than a human mage or a worgen mage, etc.  Why is everything trying to be the same.


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