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No booth or presentation @Gamescom2018

Turrican187Turrican187 Member UncommonPosts: 787
Team members will be visiting the event but there will be no CIG or Star Citizen Booth or presentation.


This is good for SC because they'll have more time to develop the game without having to produce any demos that'll get binned anyway!

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  • ElsaboltsElsabolts Member RarePosts: 3,476
    My guess would be that the Roberts and Cig swiss banking folks may have disapproved .
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  • kikoodutroa8kikoodutroa8 Member RarePosts: 564
    Who's Roberts Space?
  • postlarvalpostlarval Member EpicPosts: 2,003
    Who's Roberts Space?
    That's the shell company Chris Roberts uses to funnel money into his personal bank account while pretending to build a game.
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