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Just tried the new F2P version of EVE.



  • pantaropantaro Member RarePosts: 515
    Kyleran said:
    Only reason I don't play EVE is because of that horrible passive skilling. I love skill systems and can even grind like crazy if I have a particular goal in mind. But the problem with passive skilling is that you are just waiting while paying for a sub. That combo kind of breaks it for me.

    At first it was fine, because I was learning the game. Doing all the PVE stuff, exploring (imo one of the best exploration types in any MMO atm, probes system is awesome), missions etc and trying my first PVP. But then it became kind of stagnant. I was literally waiting for certain skills while I felt I was already ready for them. This was one of the major reasons for me to stop.

    It is still a cool game if you like PVP, but if you are like me, liking a mix of anything whatever a game offers, it is kind of mediocre. PVE falls short,crafting/trading is more like a spreadsheet game and mining is utterly boring.
    While I love the passive skilling system,  with my limited time to play it was great to know my characters were progressing,  even if I couldn't log in.

    this was literally why i started playing,my schedule got a little busier but i still wanted to play a mmo and not just sub for nothing. i love the passive training,i can still make some kind of progress with a sub no matter how much i log in regardless of how much time i have to actually click all my spreadsheets lmao
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