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Looking to join an up and coming cross-genre gaming community? Look no further! Join the P4CK!

PriddypwnyPriddypwny Member UncommonPosts: 32
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Ladies and gentlemen!

Are you tired of gaming alone? Nobody to grind that grindy grind with?! climb leaderboards with!? guys I kid you not, The P4CK is a growing community that started out as friends and has quickly grown into a multi-genre gaming experience like no other.

Besides the regular monthly giveaways to a lucky member voted in by their peers, the founder, Cumb, is a 100% hands-on leader and guide in multiple genre's and loves to teach new players the ropes, so you're sure to feel welcome in any game you play with the community!

The community has no restrictions on games, members are always looking for new and exciting ventures in MMORPGs, shooters, RTS, MOBAs, even discussing single player guides!

This is an open community and is free to join, we just ask you bring your personality and gaming interests to the table! If this sounds like something you would be interested in checking out, please visit us at:

You can find a link to our discord on the website as well as tons of helpful welcoming info and FAQ! Looking forward to gaming with you, friends!

MMORPG and MOBA ambassador to The P4CK
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  • dougha1dougha1 Member UncommonPosts: 152
    GrimderTF said:
    Nobody to grind that grindy grind with?!

    this is where the forum software, were it not lame, would realize i want to end the quote and start typing my reply


    Love that phrase, it made me giggle. :)
    This forum is broken. It is time to move to proboards, because they're broken.
  • PriddypwnyPriddypwny Member UncommonPosts: 32
    Changed my username to match my current alias, but I’m glad you could catch a laugh from that! Haha cheers!
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