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Question on gearing up

ForgrimmForgrimm Member EpicPosts: 3,021
So I decided to give BDO another shot, picked it up for $5 and have been having a lot of fun with it. I'm slowly learning the systems but am mostly stumped by gear. I've looked at a lot of guides and suggestions but much of the info seems to be outdated, and other info seems to contradict other sources. I ended up going with a suggestion that Lazy Peon made in a video which said to start off with Agerian gear, enhance it to +5 and use it to 50, so I did that. He said to then go for Grunil gear at 50+ or 55+. But in this video for example: the guy says not to bother with Grunil and to use Heve instead. Coincidentally I got some Heve drops while killing skeletons so I enchanted those to +5 for now.

I'm currently level 52. I have little to no interest in pvp, no interest in meta-gaming, no-lifing, or best-in-slotting anything. Most of my current gear can be seen here[[5],[11005,5,[-1,-1]],[10810,5,[-1,-1]],[-1,0,[-1,-1]],[11007,5,[-1,-1]],[[12035,0],[12035,0]],[[11829,0],[11817,0]],[12231,0],[11646,0],[-1,0,[-1,-1]],[-1,0],[-1,0,[-1,-1]],[-1],[-1,[-1]],[-1],[-1],[-1],[-1]] The 3 pieces that weren't available on the planner are this this and this You can see my stats in the screenshot below. So, any suggestions on what I should be aiming for?


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