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Another lawsuit but this time it is personal



  • KefoKefo Member EpicPosts: 4,229
    Kefo said:
    CrazKanuk said:
    lttexxan said:
    Kyleran said:
    Hero? Hardly qualifies by any definition of the term.

    Who the hell made you the Arbiter of who is or is not a hero?
     Do you do anything other than hover over your keyboard waiting to jump in and reply to every damn topic posted to this web site? Get a life....sheesh

    Well the OP asserted that he was a hero because he enabled 2 other families (at minimum) get a refund so they could put food on the table. So if that's heroics, then taking him to court and suing him for money that would, inevitably, be reimbursed by CIG would be taking food OFF the table for families. You know.... as long as we're painting with big brushes. 

    Also, I do find the irony in your post amusing. 

    I'm sorry....But if anyone in a Family spends there last dime investing in a video game rather than put food on the table tells me there is something wrong with them....The company didn't tell them instead of buying food give the money to me...That was all there choice....And as far as the guy who spent money on a video game rather than put food on the table for his family is NOT a man and def not a good father or Husband.....
    Why does everyone assume that the guy spent all his money on a video game instead of putting food on the table? Could it be possible that the guy invested hundreds or thousands years ago and suddenly his financial situation changed (like he was laid off for example) and so he sought a refund from the game.

    Gotta love everyone demonizing the guy without knowing all the facts
    I read one guy said he needed a refund because he was no longer employed and so needed the money.  Life happens.
    That it does and I believe CR said himself they will refund if someone’s life situation changed.
  • KefoKefo Member EpicPosts: 4,229
    Arillix said:

    {{{{{Gotta love everyone demonizing the guy without knowing all the facts}}}}}

    kinda sounds like you and all the other Chris Roberts, CIG , and Star Citizen suporter demonizing 24/7 365, hypocrite much?
    I’m a supporter? Or did you word that post wrong?

    Either way if you think I demonize the game 24/7 you think wrong.
  • mr1602mr1602 Member UncommonPosts: 216
    Wizardry said:

    I also have a bigger picture idea as to what this guy is all about,i have run into a couple guys exactly like this over my time and imo being that i have seen this type of personality only twice and both  were the same,i feel my opinion is warranted and that is that he feels slighted by the world because he is handicapped. I mean i have been around,talked to probably a million people over my lifetime from many sports teams to schools to workplaces etc etc and to only see this type of personality 2x until now 3x,it kind of says something.This does not mean that i do not feel he is 100% correct because he is,Chris Roberts code of ethics is a LOT different than mine but try and prove it and get some money out of it..good luck.
    Post like this is a brilliant example of how Star Citizen fans reacted here and in those YouTube comments. Please post more and tell us more about your projection to StreetRoller.

    Yes, this is kind of a post where if a normal person reads it, they go 'WTF is wrong with you?'.

  • mr1602mr1602 Member UncommonPosts: 216
    Wizardry said:
    I should also make note that law was introduced several years ago now that allows a defendant and or courts to claim the suit is nothing more than a personal attack or harassment ,a waste of time to the courts judicial system and frivolous and the plaintiff and or lawyer can actually be fined by the court.

    Chris has his lawyer that has been around him for many years,going way back,he might just attempt to counter sue this guy claiming this guy is trying to slander his name and his business and for no other reason.

    So this guys attempt imo ,he will have a tough time getting a lawyer to carry out the act,unless there is something important not mentioned in the video.
    If I request a refund to Company A, get told I'm not entitled to a refund by Company B, get a portion of the refund by Company C, what do you call that?

    There is a one word definition that I'm sure a courtroom can tell us about.
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