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Elbow wrap/support sleeve?

sunandshadowsunandshadow Member RarePosts: 1,985
edited January 2018 in Hardware
I have a damaged elbow joint on my right arm.  I have a foam cushion (officially its a keyboard wrist rest) that my forearm lays on on my computer desk, as well as a maching elevated foam mouse pad, but it's still not quite enough cushioning; the foam is a bit too hard.  So I want to add a layer of bracing/padding around my elbow.

I tried an Ace Elbow brace at the drug store today but A. it was too small on my bicep, and B. the velcros were obnoxious.  So, now I'm looking at velcro-free sleeves and wraps, either the lycra kind or the knitted sock kind.  Does anyone use one and love it/want to recommend it?
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