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Crowfall - The Lessons of Shadowbane, Murder of Crows with J. Todd Coleman -



  • FrykkaFrykka Member UncommonPosts: 154

    Well that's a big turn off.

    I loved the idea of Shadowbane and enjoyed the crap out of my Minotaur Berserker. Until a Super Guild took over the server and decided everyone else was Kill On Sight 24/7. In my opinion these bully guilds killed the game before the first expansion came out.

    If this is where Crowfall is headed, I'm going to have to make a hard pass.

    This is why crowfall has a variety of Campaign Worlds up at any time to choose from; 3 faction, 12 faction, GvG, and FFA... The super guilds will be in GvG and FFA. All worlds will have an ending and new worlds (servers) coming on to replace them. If you are losing you aren't stuck in a dead world with a dominant guild or alliance. This was learned from Shadowbane
  • FrykkaFrykka Member UncommonPosts: 154

    BruceYee said:

    So it looks like people are going all in on server resets but how exactly is an MMO that resets every 3 months a good thing when "those guys" will do the exact same thing they do in every other PvP game just faster. They'll still dominate everyone cause they play 10+ hours a day and casual players who work 9-5 won't progress as fast. In a way it may screw over casual players rather than hurt the hardcore pvpers which isn't what resets are meant to do I'm guessing. Will casual players be ok with their progress being wiped after they devoted so much of their precious limited free time to the game? IMO a game that resets at that rate is more like a survival game or moba with open world and crafting than an MMO. I think they could've come up with something better than server resets and rule sets but who knows.

    progress isn't wiped. You export your gear at the end of a world and import it into the next world. Each world module rule set may have differing import and export rules as well as looting rules and length of campaign... they may go as long as a year or more.

    Skills are gained passively at the same pace no matter if you play a little or a lot, hard core will have no more skill than a casual... VIP subscription may have some advantages but will mostly give breadth of playstyle and not faster progression.

    The very active players will have more harvesting time to get more materials but they will not be better at it than any casual player... the key is having a network to get crafting done.
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