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Wizard101 - 2017 in Review -

SBFordSBFord Former Associate EditorMember LegendaryPosts: 33,129
edited December 2017 in News & Features Discussion

imageWizard101 - 2017 in Review -

And just like that the holidays have passed us by. It's hard to believe that 2018 will be here in less than a week! Hopefully KingsIsle has some cool stuff in store for the new year, but in the meantime, let's look back on all of the new features 2017 brought us!

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  • Twitchy-GamerTwitchy-Gamer Member UncommonPosts: 1
    The best game i play since 2011 so far i keep getting surprised with every new update all the best to you Ki team keep up the Good work. & Happy new year in advance Ki team i'm looking forward to see new updates in 2018.

    Best Regards
    Twitchy Gamer
  • cheyanecheyane Member LegendaryPosts: 8,678
    I played this game for a bit and found it rather adorable.
    Chamber of Chains
  • 1stBadAss1stBadAss Member UncommonPosts: 2
    pretty much run on cash even areas need payments or membership to access
  • Pedro27Pedro27 Member UncommonPosts: 1
    I liked the turn-based tournament mode. I found it balanced out a lot of the problems PvP has, and I'm really hoping it'll be implanted to all of PvP in 2018.
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