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What are you playing right now and what do you like about it?



  • JeffSpicoliJeffSpicoli Member EpicPosts: 2,849
    Raquis said:
    i have not played anything for months i am waiting for monster hunter world but it looks a bit average
    I thought it looked boring to be honest. Dauntless looks way better than Monster hunter world in my opinion.
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  • danwest58danwest58 Member RarePosts: 2,011
    Not really playing any games right now.   I spend time working out and with my kids.  Life is greater than any game.    Once Ashes and Classic WOW come out I will play those games.  There is not a single MMORPG on the market today or even game for that matter that is worth my time.
  • Viper482Viper482 Member EpicPosts: 3,094
    LOTRO. Still a beautiful and immersive game after all these years. Best community in any MMO out right now in my opinion. Still has that old school feel, but has modern MMO conveniences. 
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  • ElsaboltsElsabolts Member RarePosts: 3,476
    Man O' War Corsair, its out and not being worked on by CIG.
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  • psychosiz1psychosiz1 Member UncommonPosts: 184
    Doing the Rotation of the following:

    Secret World Legends
    Guild Wars 2
    Diablo 3

    Currently playing SWTOR, got back into it and I am having all kinds of fun.  I am surprised how populated the game still is.  I was on instance 3 on Belsavis on Sunday, Instance 6 on Friday night on Tython which speaks a lot about the population of the game.  Looking forward to more fun.

    On a side night I am very pleased to see so much diversity on the games people are playing.  I think it further goes to show how it would be near impossible to make a perfect game when so many players want different things.
  • MadFrenchieMadFrenchie Member LegendaryPosts: 8,505
    WoW, I like the sheer amount of content that is available through the multiple expacs.  

    I also play Overwatch because the gunplay is fun and there's no progression mess to worry about in a competitive shooter.

    Total War: Warhammer has been a nice surprise I got on sale.  Balthasar Gelt simply wrecks troops by the dozen.

  • SovrathSovrath Member LegendaryPosts: 28,380
    edited December 2017
    Skyrim and its creation kit (working on a mod)

    Working through the Darkend mod in special edition. Absolutely an amazing mod. Learned that my "stronger dragons" mod made the Darkend dragon in the mod nigh invincible. Looked at it through the creation kit but couldn't see what he had done then realized another mod was affecting it.

    Morrowind! The solo game, not the one is ...

    Elder Scrolls online - trying to get a night blade to 50, gave up on the templar

    Recently purchased Doom VR the last of the "VR equipment" arrives today so will set that up. Probably won't really play it until the holiday break.

    Black Desert with a good glass of wine.
  • Agent_JosephAgent_Joseph Member UncommonPosts: 1,340
    Secret World Legends & Diablo 3,   it is funny !
  • ShaighShaigh Member RarePosts: 2,056
    Nioh. Combat is really nice and differs from ds games in good ways. Bad thing is that it keeps me up far too late.
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  • Octagon7711Octagon7711 Member LegendaryPosts: 8,966
    D2 and GW2.  Easy to login do stuff and logout.  No need to spend a lot of time with inventory management.

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  • cameltosiscameltosis Member EpicPosts: 2,527
    XCOM 2 - never got round to completing it the first time I played it. I just love the soldier customisation. I tend to make them all celebrities and match them with movie characters. So I have Angelina Jolie running around as Lara Croft - she's a sniper but specialises in pistols. I have Arnie as a grenadier with explosives specialisations. I also try to find voice pack mods. For example, I have a Star Trek Next Gen voice pack so its really fun creating a ST squad. Current favourite is an Ainsley Harriot voice pack (British chef, a bit camp), some of his quotes are just hilarious. 

    Cities: Skylines - picked up some DLC in a recent sale. Game just has so much you can do, but really appeals to the perfectionist in me. I have heavily modded it so that I can tweak just about anything I want, I'll happily spend a few hours just perfecting the layouts and aesthetics of really small sections of my city. One of the DLCs I picked up was Mass Transit, so current focus has been on creating excellent public transport systems. 

    Both these games are also perfect mong-out games - I get baked most evenings so these two allow me to zone out without failing anything. I tend to have a series on the go in the background too, so its nice to watch a bit, then game a bit, then watch a bit more. 

    I'm also kinda vaguely playing Total Warhammer 2, Skate 3 and Xenoblade Chronicles X. 
  • JeffSpicoliJeffSpicoli Member EpicPosts: 2,849
    Elsabolts said:
    Man O' War Corsair, its out and not being worked on by CIG.
    How is that game? The concept really had me intrigued 
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  • boris20boris20 Member UncommonPosts: 379
    Return of Reckoning (Warhammer Online)
    The variety of classes
    Pretty good Population
    Enjoyable PVP
    Enough gear grind to keep me occupied, but not enough to make it feel like a job or tiresome
  • JimmydeanJimmydean Member UncommonPosts: 1,284

    FFXIV - have played since Beta and still find it fun, although it is very different now. Good themepark lobby game, but my personal  style is moving away from that. Not much else MMORPG wise out worth playing however.

    Lineage 2 Revolution - actually a very fun mobile game, so much so that I play it on PC quite a bit with bluestacks. I haven't spent any money in the shop besides the monthly diamond package for $9.99, but find I'm able to compete well and have a lot of fun with it.


    Overwatch, Fortnite, Shadows of War, Star Wars BF2.  All fun games to hop in quick and hop out.
  • dave6660dave6660 Member UncommonPosts: 2,699
    Just starting playing Fire Pro Wrestling.  It's been years since I played a wrestling game so it's a great change of pace.

    When I'm in the mood for something a little more challenging, Kerbal Space Program.

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  • caioz1jpcaioz1jp Member UncommonPosts: 6
    Eve - Great to log in do some exploration for money then follow the same chain for some PVP. Very easy to jump into specter fleet or bombers bar for quick fleet action.

    Trying to find another MMO. Looking at Old School Runscape and Albion.
  • AlBQuirkyAlBQuirky Member EpicPosts: 6,153
    XCom 2. I also picked up XCom Enemy Unknown and Enemy Within and have been playing XC:EU, too.

    I enjoy these games because they're slow paced and strategy filled. I get connected with my soldiers and feel bad when they don't make it back from missions. I yell at my PC (Dang RNGs!) and my heart flutters with the many close calls I've had in these games. The soldier customization in XCom 2 helps a lot :)

    I also have been getting back into Skyrim every now and again. When I finish up this current character's play, I want to get through my Shadowrun trilogy of games :)

    - Al

    Personally the only modern MMORPG trend that annoys me is the idea that MMOs need to be designed in a way to attract people who don't actually like MMOs. Which to me makes about as much sense as someone trying to figure out a way to get vegetarians to eat at their steakhouse.

  • SovrathSovrath Member LegendaryPosts: 28,380
    Lord of the rings online: because of lore, even if some solutions from developers (like unkillable group or a cave that isn't where it is supposed to be) are really bad.  The only MMO that got me involved, make me feel somethign towards characters - hate ones (Grima!), like others. The only MMO with lore and atmosphere, not "Mumba-Yumba race form JKLMN planet wielding ultra-plasma annihilator while en route to GHGHG race home planet NotPronouncable".

    Master of Orion 2. My favourite Sakkras with their huge fleets of battleships/titans smashing evil Silicoids and Psylons to dust.
    I love masters of orion 2!
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  • ShadanwolfShadanwolf Member UncommonPosts: 2,380
    Nothing.Cannot find a game that satisfies me.
  • SEANMCADSEANMCAD Member EpicPosts: 16,775
    Nothing.Cannot find a game that satisfies me.
    Here is a small list of games I would suggest you look into. Its not a complete list by a large stretch but its a list I keep handy

    Space Engineers
    Medieval Engineers

    7 Days to Die

    Imperium Galactic Survival

    The Forest


    Life is Feudal

    Stranded Deep

    From the Depths

    Kerbal Space Program


    Another Brick in the Mall

    Elite Dangerous

    Cities Skylines

    Planet Coaster





    Wurm Unlimited

    My Summer Car


    Out of Reach


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  • GaladournGaladourn Member RarePosts: 1,810
    I'm playing the waiting game;

    Classic WoW and Ashes of Creation.
  • klash2defklash2def Member EpicPosts: 1,741
    edited December 2017
    My rotation:

    The Sims 4 (PC) - Because pets (awesome) are now in the game and I'm on my 5th generation of sims from my original sim family..

    Elite Dangerous (PC) - Love to hop in do some Illegal trading/Pirating for a few hours. Reminds of how I used to play EVE only minus the spreadsheet and far better graphics

    Destiny 2 (PC) - My wife just found out she really likes it so I am on my 4th Character trying to help her get through the story. I already had it on console with a Warlock, Hunter and Titan maxed out. The PC options/Sliders makes me wish I waited for PC release. Its gorgeous but I can only stand it for a hour at a time now.

    NBA 2K18 (XB1) - Always love the franchise mode in these games. Started 2 diff game files.. I rebuilt the Phoenix Suns and put the Seattle Supersonic back in Seattle. Fun to see young guys get drafted and develop into superstar players or busts. I hated the myplayer mode this year and avoided it all together since its just a scam. 

    Skyrim (PC) - Because mods duh.

    The Witcher 3 (XB1) - Trying to get the happy ending (3rd times the charm?)

    ESO (PC) -When I need to get that mmo itch out of the way. Running a Champ 400 Templar Tank/Heals hybrid. Fun for quick duels and dungeon runs. Dirty but I also like to pretend I'm playing TES 6.. I even made my own UI and play exclusively in First Person lol 

    Horizon Zero Dawn (PS4) - Just got the xpac but still haven't beat the main story. I'm like maybe 30% in..so kinda need to get to it.. I keep trying to force myself to like it because everyone else says its good but I personally cant connect to it. There is also a cultural appropriation thing that the game eludes to that I'm not going to unpack here but it has turned me off the deeper into I went. I REALLY wish Aloy could be customized outside of just her clothes. Outside of that it seems to be okay. I hope I can get past my personal issues with it. 

    AC Origins (XB1)- I took a break from it but its the best AC since AC2 imo. Still haven't beat it because I've spent so much time exploring everything in Ancient Egypt. 

    Happy Holidays

    EDIT: Forgot to add AC Origins

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  • KajidourdenKajidourden Member EpicPosts: 3,019
    Wildstar.  Best combination of combat, content, and personal enjoyment/preference.  

    The population is lowish (wouldn't know it when world boss groups start forming lol) but everything else makes up for it in spades.  

    My biggest thing with wildstar is the lack of any new classes since launch though they have added new skills to each class.  
  • pickicepickice Member CommonPosts: 1
    Well Right now i am addicted to this one mmorpg that involves digital currencies...its called Dragons Tale..and in this game you level up by completing tasks that usually involve making a bet using your BTC. Its a lot of fun. Anything and everything in the game you can click on and make a bet, from balancing coins on a fence, to digging for gold, to drinking your favorite drink to smoking your favorite cigar and you can even pet a camel lol! its fun and exciting to play. This game is a must for people who A. Like mmorpg and B. enjoy crypto currencies. The graphics are even old school so it has a fun vibe to it for us old gamers. 
  • d_20d_20 Member RarePosts: 1,878
    Warframe: addictive, satisfies my looter/shooter space ninja and OCD + fair business model

    The Division: 1.8 is awesome, there is alot to do and work for in getting classified sets and exotic weapons to make lots of fun builds depending on what you like to do

    Path of Exile: Great hack and slash + great business model

    On a break from ESO -- I've played for three years. If I go back to an mmorpg, it will probably be that one or maybe a new one in 2018 (crosses fingers). 

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