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SC makes PC Gamers worst micro transactions list



  • Turrican187Turrican187 Member UncommonPosts: 787
    Rouzuki said:
    In Star Citizen you get exactly what you pay for so, it's your own dumb fault if you paid $1000 for some digital ship that the rest of us will obtain, by playing in game, with relative ease in all likelihood. 
    While you're at it, I like to get my 2nd seat back, I'm feeling lonely :(

    When you have cake, it is not the cake that creates the most magnificent of experiences, but it is the emotions attached to it.
    The cake is a lie.

  • Tiamat64Tiamat64 Member RarePosts: 1,537
    With the lawsuit going on now, CiG's "microtransactions" for Star Citizen are now more "dubious" than ever!
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