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Improving the Ignore feature

NildenNilden Member EpicPosts: 3,914
Right now the ignore feature is woefully inadequate for the following reasons:

  • limited to 3 ignores
  • still view a blacked out post by the ignored
  • still view threads started by the ignored
  • still view agree's LOL's etc
  • still view other people quoting the ignored
Ways to improve:

  • raise the ignore limit
  • completely block any post by the ignored
  • hide threads started by the ignored
  • hide agree's LOL's etc by the ignored
  • hide any quotes of the ignored
Even better would be making all of these options that could be toggled on/off in an ignore menu. Enabling the user to customize their ignore list.

It would do wonders for this site if ignore was more like a shadow ban on the people you would like to ignore.

Your not going to be able to stop trolling or toxic behavior but you could at least provide your users the options to make this site a better experience.

Thank you.

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