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BREAKING NEWS: Blizzard Announces Vanilla Servers - World of Warcraft - MMORPG.com



  • JakdstripperJakdstripper Member RarePosts: 2,410
    most exciting news from Blizz since the leaked "Titan" project......RIP..... i just hope these vanilla servers have been visually remastered cause i don't think i can play a game with 2004 graphics anymore. i will however have to at least check this out.
  • DijonCyanideDijonCyanide Member UncommonPosts: 586
    Good news for the WoW faithful, but not enough for me to return to subscribing to WoW.
  • PAL-18PAL-18 Member UncommonPosts: 844
    Is everybody on the Azeroth?
    We put some energy into this place!
    I want to ask you something
    Are you ready for the sound of Blizzard?
    I want to see you sweat!
    I said, I want to see you sweat!
    Hyper! Hyper!
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    And to all Vanilla gamers all over the world!
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    Sit there
    Be good


    Big thanks to everyone who made this possible.

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  • steamtanksteamtank Member UncommonPosts: 391
    its going to be a funny thing when the launch of  Classic WoW crushes the sales of WoW expac and whatever other game is unfortunate enough to be on the same release schedule.
  • JeffSpicoliJeffSpicoli Member EpicPosts: 2,849
    I played for about a month or 2 last December on Elysium server before quitting. I basically quit not because i wasnt enjoying the grind but i knew the servers would't last and it would have been very frustrating to lose all that progress and time.

      Im more excited over the announcement of Vanilla servers than i am of the bland looking expansion
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  • TokkenTokken Member RarePosts: 2,553
    Just remember and prepare yourselves.... the the classic servers will not be exactly like vanilla wow.   It would be hard for the devs to make it as it was..... there will probably be a few changes.  good or bad? 
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  • ForgrimmForgrimm Member EpicPosts: 3,004
    Albatroes said:

    kitarad said:

    They said they made too many changes and don't have the original version of the game....lies ?

    In an interview with the CEO he was saying they are going to have to do a lot of reverse coding to get it going. They have the plan in place and are sure they can do it but I got the impression they were only just starting it. I wouldn't expect it any time soon.

    Honestly, Blizzard wouldn't announce something like this until it was close to implementation. Heck, they were ever talking about it last year but were under sure as to how to structure it in terms of how releasing would go and such.

    Executive Producer J. Allen Brack was reluctant to give the publication any specifics on a timetable, saying that the project was just announced, only basic infrastructure is in place, and that the team is forming.

  • LawlmonsterLawlmonster Member UncommonPosts: 1,085
    edited November 2017
    My guess is that, given what Brack has already said, we won't be seeing classic servers until some time after the next expansion drops, and probably when the initial launch exodus begins. Makes perfect sense to drop it when your expansion retention is diminishing.

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  • OzmodanOzmodan Member EpicPosts: 9,726
    I would consider playing on a vanilla server, but done with their expansions.  The last one was zero fun after a couple weeks and made those of us who like to play alts quit.

  • TamanousTamanous Member RarePosts: 2,997
    Ozmodan said:
    I would consider playing on a vanilla server, but done with their expansions.  The last one was zero fun after a couple weeks and made those of us who like to play alts quit.

    I'm curious if they will run a "forever vanilla server" instead of progressing all through later expansions. Either way, progression servers rely on resets to keep audiences coming back so for each server progressing to TBC we may see a new vanilla opened. 

    Finding the right rotation rate will be key for them.

    You stay sassy!

  • ScellowScellow Member RarePosts: 398
    Worst idea ever, if they wanted to bring back vanilla they should have rewritten their client from scratch for modern standard with better and more accurate gameplay, was a terrible decision
  • TamanousTamanous Member RarePosts: 2,997
    edited November 2017
    Scellow said:
    Worst idea ever, if they wanted to bring back vanilla they should have rewritten their client from scratch for modern standard with better and more accurate gameplay, was a terrible decision
    This argument is getting rather thin as it's repeated over and over but without explanation.

    You must give examples or else you only spout hot air.

    With ample experience in vanilla wow I can't see anything that is less "accurate". Just like in retail vanilla most players use addons and their client ui runs pretty much the same as a modern game ui. Macros add further customization and my game play requires very little tab targeting because of it. 

    I can customize my hunter to specific spec and play style through macros and I f'ing love it.

    I do however see the typical new player not putting the time and effort into learning how customizable classic wow can be because it was the era of not having everything coded for convenience.

    There was an era in Wow where players actually wanted the customization options and were ok with the complexity of it. It's part of the vanilla experience and a perk to the core audience.

    You stay sassy!

  • GaladournGaladourn Member RarePosts: 1,810
    edited November 2017
    Things I consider deal breakers in the classic WoW reiteration by Blizzard:
    XP boosts
    Cash shop mounts
    Cross-realm Battlegrounds
    LFG tool
    Fly paths right from and to your bedroom everywhere around the world
    Flying mounts on Azeroth

    Things I'm on the fence about:

    Things I am neutral about:
    New Graphics Engine and Animations (I guess they come together)

    Things I would actually like Blizzard to address:
    Improved UI as per the latest WoW versions (or at least as in TBC)
    Certain equipment and weapon looks
    All the bugs and exploits in 1.12 that never got addressed in live
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  • someforumguysomeforumguy Member RarePosts: 4,068
    edited November 2017
    Will this be actual vanilla before any expansion and then with subs? I doubt it myself, because I don't believe they see that as profitable.

    Vanilla WoW was kind of mediocre, except for people who never played a MMORPG before back then. Some of the gold sinks and design choices were ridiculous. A typical example is the 'reward' at lvl40 when you finally can learn how to ride a mount. So you are this already famous warrior but all that time too dumb to sit on a horse. Meanwhile you zip through the air on the back of a gryphon.

    This is how you can recognise a themepark MMORPG. Arbitrary milestone rewards at level intervals. And gold sinks for everything. Making for example crafting completely useless during levelling, but turns it into some kind of weird endgame thing.

    All this in a beautiful crafted world, but it never feels like one because of those stupid limitations.

    But yeah, SWG fan here :/

    EDIT : If it will be vanilla, and stays vanilla, it will have one major thing going for it. No nerfs!
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