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Why doesnt mmorpg.com have more content?

AckbarAckbar Member UncommonPosts: 927

It seems like mmorpg.com has so much potential to be more than it is now. Fans of different games come all over to this site to have cross game/platform discussions receives news and the like. For the purpose this site rocks. But others come here for meeting in game friends getting in game help and the like. For that purpose this site is lacking.

Basically what im trying to say is why doesnt mmorpg.com take it up a notch and become more like the warcry stratics or ogaming networks with game specific walkthroughs guides and even more in depth game help forums?

You already have game specific news and discussion forums why not beef up the games section with walkthroughs guides etc etc etc.

Just a thought... a very jumbled disorganized thought...

----ITS A TRAP!!!----


  • StraddenStradden Managing EditorMember CommonPosts: 6,696

    Thanks for your suggestion.

    I like to think that MMORPG.com provides something different and unique to our readers. We offer top-notch content, garnering a large number of exclusive interviews, editorials and other features, as well as an informative news department. We also have a live chat area for readers to enjoy and extensive forums covering the most popular games on our games list (which is pretty extensive itself). We offer a weekly podcast as well as a newsletter. Most of all, we have a dedicated and exciting community here.

    I do know that in the future, we are planning on adding some new features to MMORPG.com, but the bottom line is that we are not trying to be ogaming, warcry or stratics. We are a unique and independent site with something unique to offer the market.

    Jon "Stradden" Wood, Community Manager, MMORPG.com

    Jon Wood
    Managing Editor

  • YoyoyoyYoyoyoy Member Posts: 29
    Yes, I kind of agree with having more content. But the interviews are pretty nice.

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