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Naamah (Kill Raptor) Mission = Game Over .... its impossible !

GoromhirGoromhir Member UncommonPosts: 450
To get to Saturn you need to kill "THE RAPTOR" on Europa

This  means game over because this quest is impossible to do for new players.
I had many groups and people just left or rage quit over this mission.

Nobody was able to finish it so the junction to Saturn is impossible.

Why the game designers are trying to get rid of their customers with such a shitty hard mission design is a riddle to me......


  • ThaneThane Member RarePosts: 3,496
    edited December 2016
    only thing about warframe: they didn't make that game easy :)

    and yes, people tend to rage as soon they fail ONCE on a fucking mission.
    i don't deal with those... waste of time (those players, not quests)

    since i (obviously) deal with your kind, let me ask you a few questions:

    what dmg type did you have, what weapon did you use, did you try to evade his missiles, or just to "take em because you guys are so OP"?... :)

    also, ospreys are imo among the meanest enemies :) and that raptor IS an osprey... a biiiig one

    and i hope you know the mechanics to defeat it? *G*
    otherwise, yes, you ARE in for a fun time :>
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  • AzarealAzareal Member UncommonPosts: 163
    If you have the Excalibur frame, just run into the room and head straight to the back. There's a cabin back there. Go in use Exalted Blade (EB) and just cut the raptors through the walls and door. Pop out every now and then to see how much health they have left because you need to grab the key when it drops fast as possible. Deactivate EB and then pick up the key to run to the vents to drop them by switching weapons (use the roller on the mouse, it's faster).

    For the last Raptor furthest from the cabin. Head out from the cabin and run to the pipes on the right. There's a space by the wall between the pipes you can hide in and cut through using EB. Hope this helps.
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