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The Amazing Eternals Closed Beta Key Sweepstakes! -

AdminAdmin Administrator RarePosts: 5,620
edited September 2017 in News & Features Discussion

imageThe Amazing Eternals Closed Beta Key Sweepstakes! - has been given 3,500 closed beta keys for The Amazing Eternals to give out to our community! The Amazing Eternals is a new free-to-play competitive hero shooter from Digital Extremes, the studio behind Warframe. This sweeps will run from Sept 1 @ 2PM EDT to Sept 4 @ 2PM EDT. Enter now for a chance to win a key!

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  • yonpachiyonpachi Member UncommonPosts: 125
    is it like Overwatch
  • Warshack1337Warshack1337 Member UncommonPosts: 39
    really think this is a overwatch clone
  • Quizar1973Quizar1973 Member UncommonPosts: 237
    Seems very much like Overwatch...But still im very curious to play it.....Loved Overwatch so i might love this one to
    No one shall Rent space in my head!!!!!  B)
  • NexaamNexaam Member UncommonPosts: 7
    edited September 2017
    Oh, I didn't realized they changed the name of this game. I tried it out when it was used to be called Keystone and the game style is similar to Overwatch. Because of that I can't play it since I get motion sickness from games like this :c
  • B0z0nB0z0n Member UncommonPosts: 6
    Team Fortress 3
  • KajidourdenKajidourden Member EpicPosts: 2,835
    It is definitely very similar to overwatch.  The big difference (and reason I love it way more) is you can customize your Hero with your deck of cards.

    It's not just passive bonuses either, certain cards grant you different weapons to use, or traps/devices.

    You can completely change your character's kit with it, though they all will still fall within a theme.
  • SamhaelSamhael Member RarePosts: 1,238
    The graphics are easily 20 times more appealing to me than Overwatch. (didn't take much -- I really didn't like that style)
    The game board thing seems interesting but the card game aspect is a big turn off. Hopefully, I'll get a key and can find out for myself.
  • GinazGinaz Member RarePosts: 2,197
    edited September 2017

    really think this is a overwatch clone

    Why does everyone say any new game of this type is an Overwatch clone? You do realize this type of game existed long before Overwatch was a thing? It's like people calling all MMO's released after WoW a WoW clone. If anything, Overwatch is a Team Fortress 2 clone. How old are you? Good lord.

    Is a man not entitled to the herp of his derp?

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  • Asch126Asch126 Member RarePosts: 526
    Visually it's good, but my God, everything else is so bad.
  • DauzqulDauzqul Member RarePosts: 1,980
    It's ridiculous calling this an OverWatch clone. It takes years for a team to make a game like this. It was being worked on while OverWatch was being worked on.
  • SweBlackbirdSweBlackbird Member UncommonPosts: 60
    It's same studio from WarFrame so it shouldn't be that bad, beside that this game is free to play


  • DavodtheTuttDavodtheTutt Member UncommonPosts: 396
    I wonder if developers see games go public ahead of theirs and are, like, "Oh, NO, their healer is so much like ours, now we've got to change the art and how she delivers healing and... oh great, their assassin has a mask and twin guns, too... let's give ours a skull head..."
  • nomadienomadie Member UncommonPosts: 138
    edited September 2017
    To those who say it's like Overwatch that is not true! This game is more of a copy of Paladins and just as boring. It uses a very unbalanced card system to pick your next stuff to use... Pretty much RNG Jesus can make you curb stomp people because you got lucky enough to have legendary cards up the ass.
  • 3dom3dom Member RarePosts: 769
    After APB de-facto died couple years ago - so I'm still waiting for third person shooters with character customization...

    Thank you for your time!

  • Starbuck1771Starbuck1771 Member UncommonPosts: 375

    yonpachi said:

    is it like Overwatch

    Nope nothing like that closer to paladins it involves using cards

  • Asch126Asch126 Member RarePosts: 526

    It's same studio from WarFrame so it shouldn't be that bad, beside that this game is free to play

    Oh, it is that bad right now. Ping is ridiculous at times for no apparent reason, the gamemodes can be easily broken just by choosing multiple of certain characters, the hit detection is very wonky and i'm sure there's more issues i haven't found.
  • KajidourdenKajidourden Member EpicPosts: 2,835

    Asch126 said:

    It's same studio from WarFrame so it shouldn't be that bad, beside that this game is free to play

    Oh, it is that bad right now. Ping is ridiculous at times for no apparent reason, the gamemodes can be easily broken just by choosing multiple of certain characters, the hit detection is very wonky and i'm sure there's more issues i haven't found.

    I've been playing since alpha and other than balance issues I have not run into any problems.
  • WizardryWizardry Member LegendaryPosts: 16,454
    I don't like talking about Blizzard,they do not deserve my time but i have to say OW was such a lame effort by Blizzard it is pathetic,they released the game with one frigging map,that is super lame.Enough of Blizz.

    This game..i like Digital Extremes ,however i have to wonder just a bit on the design.It looks a lot like they went for a similar design to Epic's game with the cards.

    DE is one of the original big guys in fps design,so they know the design well.

    Now the one area i do not like and that is any character that can just fly upwards,it makes Z-axis fighting lame.

    I am an old schooler,i believe everything in games should be earned,including your positioning on the map.This means maps have to be really well designed for connectivity and player movement and cover and strategic spots for both offense and defense.

    So if i want to get into another fps game,it has to show me that it is the best or very good at what it does.This one area of concern,"high flying"i feel is enough to turn me off.It is sort of the like the very idea i despised in my old Unreal Tournament days and that was the Xloc/translocator that allowed players to just fly around effortlessly.I never wanted to play any game using that device.

    Now if there were say strategically placed jump boots "one set" that players can fight to get,i am ok with that ,again you have to EARN them.

    Never forget 3 mile Island and never trust a government official or company spokesman.

  • IlayaIlaya Member UncommonPosts: 609
    Well, i would like to see/test it as it comes from the Warframe makers. I'm interested how the Cards and Shooter play together. We'll see. *fingers crossed*
  • zacho56zacho56 Member UncommonPosts: 19
    But does it taste like chicken?
  • esc-joconnoresc-joconnor Member RarePosts: 1,096
    edited September 2017
    I can see Digital Extremes still doesn't have a clue about making player characters to appeal to a wide audience. One of the problems with Warframe. Something Blizzard obviously thought about when making Overwatch. I would think that contributed to the success of the game.
  • semruksemruk Member CommonPosts: 2
    i'm a blizzard fanboy and i really love overwatch but enough man... people makes games from same genre get over it
  • ShattenShatten Member UncommonPosts: 40
    so they combined overwatch + paragon card system. im guessing overwatch will be the staple on future arena shooter unless quake and tribe got back to their glory days as arena shooter
  • CroshKnightCroshKnight Member UncommonPosts: 7
    Thanks :)
  • Haki88Haki88 Member UncommonPosts: 31
    I won key and key is invalid now i opened support ticket lol....
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