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my experience coming back to arche age so far

SoybeanSoybean Member UncommonPosts: 104

Well, the cheating is still there. I thought it was all but gone but that is just how stupid I am. There was one guild on my server who were banned for cheating and guess what? Trion decided to un-ban them. So now they are back reeking havoc on the server being able to cast 3-7 spells within one second. And then constantly sh*t talking in general chat about how great and wonderful they are and no one could beat them.

Their clicking is so fast the animations could not keep up
/end sarcasm.

My guild has reported them multiple times and... surprise! Nothing happened. I complained on the AA forums and was given a warning not to name and shame even though I did not show anyone's name. So I guess if you want to cheat you still can and if you get banned then you can just pester Trion enough to get back in.


  • rawfoxrawfox Member UncommonPosts: 788
    I've heared in 4.0 all is different, no %RNGesus, no backward development, no whatever, i think its all bla bla bla and i dont belive anything that comes out of that game.

    I mean, the Alpha was great and all, but since then they constantly ruin this potential best game on the market, but why ?!

    I started thinking that the Asians are retarded and Trion - well - no comment.
    Uninstalled months ago and i will never ever reinstall it and it still hurts, yeah.

    Imagine how great this game could have been, you could master all classes in one char, all the gear swapping and tuning, omg what have they done ... :(

    XL has ruined the whole game and Trion - well, no comment.

    Just show em /moon.
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