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So what happend recently...

HyperpsycrowHyperpsycrow Member UncommonPosts: 688
edited July 2017 in General Gaming
I just want to sum up what is on my mind over some recently "hyped" games.

Secret world legends:

It felt like i was playing the same SW game again with same quest. The only difference was the skills tree
and something with other found gear could be disenchanted/fused in to your current gear to make better stats.
For me that was totaly boring and not very "hype new game feeling" From alot of intel reseach i had the idea of 
SWL was gone be something totaly different compared to the old sw..or basic you could not compare it.
Because it was something else. So for me this game flopped big time.

Dark and light:          

Early acces...waay to early..no npc in town and wierd rubberband lags spikes..unplayable.
I had to refund my money. but i havent send this game to hell yet. It just need more time
to be in a early acces state..you cant even call it early acces...To soon dark and light..Dont end up like dayz
with 5 years early acces.

Citadel forged with fire" or lag spikes" :

Early acces again people...i had over 1000 ping/ms lag and the monsters just stod there and  
took damage not moving at all..but sudenly i died..i guess ther soul was hitting me or some  
kind of ghosting. Crafting was stuck 10 -15 seconds each time i was making something.
Join server was not responding after several clicks...i managed to gather some flowers and
wood with littel info on wtf i was doing or was gona use stuff for..Refund my money again.


Seems to be the new hype game that beats player unknown "Pubg" or what you call it. Im not in to walt disney looking gfx     
games like Overwatch and Wildstar or Fortnite. I just cant grasp to look at it. So to hell with that game.

Path of exile 3.0: Only one comment for that game. Take my money GGG !



  • RofusEURofusEU Member UncommonPosts: 58
    Dark and Light is basically reskinned ARK with magic and it was released for early access way to early. I bought and tried it but it was totally unplayable and unoptimized. I have a decent PC and it had hard time running on medium settings (which looks very low setting) and with high I couldn't get the game running, I didn't even dare to try the "epic" settings... My guess is that it will stay in early access forever.

    Citadel runs way better but has some serious lag spikes. I heard private servers work better than the official ones. Might give it another try later on.

    Fortnite is going to be F2P anyway so I wouldn't even bother buying it yet.
  • EnigmaEnigma Member UncommonPosts: 11,384
    I gave Secret World another whirl too. You're right about that. It didn't feel all too different. It's a shame too. I love the lore behind it. 

    People who have to create conspiracy and hate threads to further a cause lacks in intellectual comprehension of diversity.

  • RealizerRealizer Member RarePosts: 724
     Fortnite definitely doesn't compare or "beat" Pubg. Completely different type of game. One is competitive, one is co-op. They don't have the same player market. As for the other games, I tend to agree they were released too soon. 
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