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Played the original!

ethanlallaethanlalla Member UncommonPosts: 105
I just found out about this and I am incredibly excited, I know it is not even close to the same game as it was in the past, but I absolutely thought I would never see this IP again. I spent a fair amount of time as a kid(currently 24) playing it and really loved the beautiful world they made. I remember getting my first dragon and flying an insane distance across the map. As soon as I am able to gather the money I will be buying this game! I did enjoy ark somewhat but feel that this will grip me MUCH MUCH more. Once ark got techy I sorta bounced. Glad to see you have pulled the numbers in you need and hope to see you all in game ASAP!
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  • Octagon7711Octagon7711 Member LegendaryPosts: 8,822
    I've been playing this game lately and so far so good.  Released too early before finished like most games these days so in time it will probably get a lot better.  Enjoy.

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