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meonthissitemeonthissite Member UncommonPosts: 917
Arenanet could use some pointers from Zenimax on how to pump out content. 

Zenimax just released a new Expansion DLC and they are about to release another DLC!



  • PinoXPinoX Member UncommonPosts: 71
    edited July 2017
    ZeniMax Online Studio is a subsidiary of ZeniMax Media, they operates in the western market, america and europe primarily. The way they operates when it comes to mmorpg is just plain normal classic old school way of churning out content with expansions.

    Arenanet on the other hand is a subsidiary of NCSoft which operates primarily in Asian's market. I bet it's bit more difficult for them to align their visions with their parent company not to mention getting resources. Unlike Zenimax, at the beginning of GW2 early years, Arenanet was vowed/comitted to biweekly content updates which was the living stories. Ultimately, the biweekly thing didn't really end well for them. Contents come and goes. Even up to this very days you can't replay those S1 living stories.

    Arenanet doesn't need a pointer because they already abandoned their old vision, manifesto, etc. Guild Wars 2 is heading to a new expansion, their 2nd one. The last part of S3 living story is coming in less than a week. Hell, we are even getting mounts in the next expansion. This was a company that claimed their waypoints system was far superior method of transportation and mount was beneath them. Arenanet has come a long way to adapt to the old school way. Though there are still spark of their original design and vision still remain in the game, like the combat for instance.
    So your point that Arenanet needs a pointer doesn't really add up. They get it, the old way works in western market.
  • GilcroixGilcroix Member UncommonPosts: 249
    Maybe they could trade secrets and Arenanet could teach Zenimax how to make a decent combat system.
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