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Random Generated Map



  • HatefullHatefull Member EpicPosts: 2,408
    Mendel said:

    That just one of the example, its not new idea. Some game already have this, i forgot what game...but mmorpg if im not mistaken..

    one thing about rpg game is exploring... its fun if the game engine can create new map each new gameplay...every new game will have a fresh experience

    dont get me wrong, game developer can create their own theme park, but they cant cover everything. Just look at the elder scroll series, places like valenwood, elsweyr, heck even skyrim can get bigger right? random map generator can help this...

    with random map generator, they can create a random city, desert, sea, some place has humans, some place has monsters and oasis....exploring will be very fun...

      The few techniques that can do this are academic exercises, operating within strict parameters and specialized guidelines.  There hasn't been a movement to transfer these "clean room" algorithms to a "dirty" environment like games.

    Curious, can you point me at this? My interest is completely divorced from the subject of this thread, but I would like to read about these experiments if possible. I did a few searches and came back with nothing, so I would appreciate your help.

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  • SEANMCADSEANMCAD Member EpicPosts: 16,775
    Kyleran said:
    SEANMCAD said:
    Kyleran said:
    The problem is that there is one group of players that feel the random gen games feel immersive enough while another group feels it is not. Random gen works in certain games for certain players. There is no solution for all players. You either like it or don't.
    Wizardry said:
    The problem is when you want a world that is immersive.if  it comes off as a simple random generator,it no longer feels like a living world,just a computer program.
    I want everything in a game world to have a permanent identity ,that means no scaling either.

    I'd say Wizardry hit the nail on the head, if you are trying to create an immersive virtual world, persistence is a key feature.  This applies to a players character, progression mechanics and actual world itself which the players reside.

    Currently playing the DAOC freeshard, when someone says in Alliance chat, "need a Druid at instant Fins", its a specific location which is always there, and I know exactly what's going on and what to expect when I get there.  

    Far different than if someone were to say, "need a Druid to run a randomly generated dungeon"

    The latter is fine if you are playing "a game,", but not at all good if you are in a virtual world.

    so how it works (in the games I have played).
    The world is generated randomly and once a player has gotten to that area the NPCs that are generated there will ALWAYS be in that location (non roaming NPCs of course, not roaming mobs). If you stop the game and re-start the game the NPCs will STILL be in that location. In fact, (no idea how this part works but it does) if the harddrive is completely wiped and you re-install the game and give it the same seed, that NPC will STILL be in that exact same location.

    In a single player experience you can give your friend the seed name, and cords and he can start a world and that NPC will be in that exact location on his copy as well. this is assuming the seed generation is tied to NPCs which sometimes it is and sometimes it not but the take away is that it can

    Interesting concept, only familiar with the procedural dungeons that normally despawn after everyone exits.   Which game do you think does it best?  
    I dont know which game does it best but I do know that 7 Days to Die does it well.

    again, that game has a hand crafted map that is very compelling but the vast majority of players play the random gen becauses its even more compelling.

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