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Help a friend stay online! gofundme FFXIV

valoizvaloiz Member UncommonPosts: 52
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So, we are attemping to help our friend Alex Valentine keep his Final Fantasy 14 account up and running, since he no longer has the means to do so. We live in the united states. He lives in Venezuela, and the area is basically a war zone. We value him as an online friend and would love to help him stay online, so he can have an out to the troubles he is living in now. We want to use the money to get him a PS4 console, a copy of the new expansion for Final Fantasy 14, and a 6 month subscription to the game. The $500 would cover this, as well as shipping, insurance, and all expenses surrounding sending the stuff out to him. Since he cannot use US currency out there, this is a way for us to get it all for him and get it to him. So if you can find it in your hearts to share, and possibly donate to help him have some light in the darkness he currently lives in, we would be very greatful! Thank you

Chrystelle Ashmore



We are trying to get funds in order to keep our friend/ guidlmate Ale Valentine online for the upcoming Stormblood Expansion for FFXIV  / As many of you know the game is not logger being supported on Ps3 and is impossible for him, due the political and economic problems of his country to upgrade to ps4.

A PS4 in Venezuela cost around 3 million Bs and the average salary of a professional worker is 80k per month, most of it to be spending on food and services to barely live.  I know it may sounds silly for some, to raise funds for gamming, due the many many terrible problems we have worldwide. But when you live in a country like this, a hobby, an escape, is essential to hold your mind.

Venezuela has currently an economic country lockdown making impossible to citizens to buy/pay merchandise with foreign currency.  

 I am, also his guildmate and RL friend, left the game for the same reasons, and I know how important this is for him so I am helping the only way I can (cuz I also live in Venezuela) posting this on some sites to spread the word. We together found a guild name Heartless in the Goblin server in 2014 and have been a VERY close group of friends since then and want to keep it this way.  

If anyone reading this is open to help us we will really appreciate it, if not thank you very much for take the time to read this or share o/ o/ 


Donate here ---->>>

Ty all!! <3


  • Brald_IronheartBrald_Ironheart Member UncommonPosts: 119
    Maybe better to help him and his family get out of Venezuela.
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