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Voice from a player going through end game.

ConsuetudoConsuetudo Member UncommonPosts: 191
I'm a level 110, ilvl 875 Blood Elf arcane mage. Not a very high ilvl at this point or a low one, just a run of the mill player. Guildless. Working on raiding quests. I am able to do all of the content in the game through the group finder. The group finder is useful for a casual player like me, especially the premade group tab ... it allow you to pick who you want to join your group. The premade group finder shows a signed-up player's ilvl, which is usually a good judge of their utility in the group. If you want a more efficient raid or dungeon run you can ask a player to demonstrate the achievement that shows they've completed the raid or dungeon in question. For these purposes you don't really need a guild anymore. 

That's not to say I wouldn't like to be in a guild, it's just that every guild I've joined has been superficial. I don't know any of these people and I have no connection to them. And so I go on in the world, hoping to somehow somewhere meet cool people naturally along the way, but that never happens either. Everything is.. mechanical. I am not immersed. At all. The mechanics allow for convenience and permit someone like me to experience content I otherwise could not, but the result is a lack of the coolest kind of person-to-person encounters you could have randomly had in the world before. It is a lobby game, with people standing around waiting for queues, whether a group queue or a pvp queue. Legion's landmass, the Broken Isles, is also comparatively small. There are five zones, three raids, and about 10 or so dungeons, none of which are very engaging. Your questlines simply make you recycle all of this content endlessly, back and forth, on increasing difficulty. 

The most redeeming quality of the game at this point is probably the sad music, that and the double-edged sword that is its accessibility. I also generally always feel like there is something for me to be doing. 

But it's spectacularly lacking in immersion. The sense of adventure that originally made WoW great is gone. As you level through the zones, if you feel immersed in them, happily call me surprised. 

I'm rather bored of it and eager for something different/more exciting. Even though I feel I could keep progressing, now that I've killed Gul'dan I know it's just going to be more recycling content. The same battlegrounds, the same raids. 


  • ConsuetudoConsuetudo Member UncommonPosts: 191
    I've decided to level up an alt since I'm pretty bored with the end game. But it's mostly just because I love the Warcraft lore so much. Going through Cataclysm content again reminds me of just how bad this game became.
  • SilkeKHSilkeKH Member CommonPosts: 2

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