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Great game!

DaakkonDaakkon Member UncommonPosts: 607
This game is great! It's as if Blade Runner, System Shock, and Deus Ex had an MMO orgy and made a baby. It's rough around the edges but gets much better once you get into it! I highly recommend more people try this game out!


  • HexcaliberHexcaliber Member UncommonPosts: 171
    edited May 2017
    In its day hey day Neocron was well ahead of the competition, multiplayer vehicles, player and clan apartments, weapon mod system, remotely controlled drones and much more. It deserved far greater popularity than it achieved. Sadly, the presence of things like a red light district, drug use, and prostitutes, saw some of its advertising and even sales banned in certain countries. Combined with poor overall advertising by the original publisher, it never reached its full potential.

    Neocron is one of those games I will always have fond memories of, it still has a dedicated hardcore fan base to this day.

    At one point the developers had hoped to fund development of a return to Neocron. However when 10tacle the parent company went bankrupt and then financial issues at reakktor saw Black Prophecy shut down that meant the new edition of Neocron never materialised.

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