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Like It or Not, Destiny 2 is Good for the MMO Genre - Bill Murphy at MMORPG.com



  • TorvalTorval Member LegendaryPosts: 19,938
    Did all those games really define it? Or did UO and their dev(s) define it and others associated themselves with it? I don't recall anyone coining that phrase independently of Garriott and his team.

    Anyway, I like the term shared world. I also look for terms on the game site where they define world persistence. For me personally persistence and how that works is a lot more important than exactly how many people I'll bump into.

    These features are important to me in my main mmos:
    1. Persistent world state.
    2. Open world interaction - as few obvious instances and zones as possible.
    3. Population - not too many or too few. The number I like is something in the mid hundreds with familiar faces. I like to say hi and buff people I know or the random passerby.

    I like other mmos that don't have all those qualities, but they're not likely to be main places I like to hangout in.
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  • Kevan_fKevan_f Member UncommonPosts: 65
    seemingly, mmo has become synonym for full-online. It requires no more persistent open world, or huge events.
    imho, it's not the fact it's a mmo or a full-online game the matter.
    It is the quality of a game..and the intrinsic amount of boring grind implied in the "online longevity"
  • GolelornGolelorn Member RarePosts: 1,392
    I really wanted to try Destiny. I dunno if its even on PC... If so, I might. But I did think about buying an Xbox 1 just for Destiny. Then I remembered, I don't even have time to play my favorite PC games. How can I play both? And is it worth 500 bucks. Nope. Anyways, I will definitely try out a PC version.

    @Wizardry, its not Blizzard's fault people tried to steal their idea. In fact, it's pure idiocy to copy a billion dollar company when you don't have a dollar to your name... They will crush you with money and talent.
  • NonderyonNonderyon Member UncommonPosts: 189
    edited April 2017
    This is my honest option: i dont care anymore.

    There is a Warframe, what is do this genre way better, and free.
  • OG_ZorvanOG_Zorvan Member EpicPosts: 2,277

    If I drop a deuce and call it chocolate, you gonna take a bite?

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  • esc-joconnoresc-joconnor Member RarePosts: 1,097

    SBFord said:

    Just because you and some other mediocre sites feel like it's an mmo doesn't make it one. Bungie has said time after time that it is not an mmo, it just has mmo elements. So why exactly is a non-mmo good for the mmo genre?

    Proving you didn't read the article. Go do that and then present  your arguments instead of insults. :)

    And saying it isnt a rose doesn't make it smell less sweet. :)
  • sdeleon515sdeleon515 Member UncommonPosts: 151

    Wizardry said:

    So we will curb the many complaints about Destiny 1 and hide that behind an argument weather it is mmo or not?

    There is a LOT that goes into game design,it takes a LOT of work to make it really good,so i am not about to start praising any developer until i see what they can do.

    To lay claim Destiny 2 is good for the industry before it is even out is like saying Wow was good for the industry even though it kickstarted nothing but clone after clone after clone.

    It takes a lot of effort to make a game, a JOURNEY,to create lots of systems and scripts the entire way.

    So let's WAIT and see if they can build a game as good as they advertise.

    It's not a case if the game "will be" or "won't be" good, it's basically on the same course right where FF14 was before the dramatic change up on the position of director. What I mean is the problem with Destiny hasn't been polish, game mechanics or even issues with game functionality but has been since the first day how the team seems to have an iron wall from player input as to the game functionality.

    Case in point with Destiny weapon mechanics kept changing and that happens normally as you get more data. But weapon changes got pushed to the point where data was made to reflect only PvP and not PvE which, in turn, made players feel like Bungie was shafting a part of the population that didn't partake any PvP as heavily and shafting the experience of PvE. I have to agree on that part that making overall game changes based on how items perform under PvP instead of both PvP & PvE just irritates players. Add to the top of it that the game mechanics changed where you were almost to where it was when the game first released and you now have to wonder what the point was at all.

    When players complained of little initial content and too little on add-on for the price point and it was getting to be vicious. I understand the developers needs to have autonomy but Bungie lent it itself in Destiny to assuming they did everything right and it was players who needed to play the game according to how they designed it. Used a sniper in PvP? They wanted to end that. Get quick kills in PvP? End that too! Use a class that has some of the best PvP performance? They deemded that it was too powerful as a result and needed to be nerfed!

    The problem of Destiny and Bungie's approach was less about making a game great but how they approached it that simply pissed off players! You don't get chances to generate new goodwill with players and FF14 was one of those rare examples where they went to unbelievable lengths to prove they indeed intended to make it fixable and thus was version 2 born.

    And while I agree Destiny 1 & 2 are multiplayer and online, it probably shouldn't be considered an mmo; it doesn't really have persistent universe per say as add on content is what moves the universe forward and that'd be no different than none mmo games like Skyrim and Fallout where an addon changes how things worked a bit before. Add to it that you're typically talking about 6 ppl in a party and that's kind of it; it's not massive at all at that stage!

    MMO's have dungeons, raids and endgame content involving more than 6 ppl and, if we honestly think hard, 6 ppl should NEVER equal mmo when that's how Destiny typically works and is featured as realistically. Likewise having social hub where you get all the players to just store gear and buy something shouldn't make it an mmo; we may as well make old AOL chatrooms an MMO on that basis.
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